Chanda’s resignation confirmation the NDF was a scam, says Mambo


THE Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) says the resignation of Amos Chanda has confirmed what the church mother bodies and all other people who have the best interest of the nation believe that the NDF was a scam.

He said the National Dialogue Forum was a scheme and a charade orchestrated to justify the circumventing of the will of the people on the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Chanda’s State House press briefing to announce his resignation has shocked some quarters with Transparency International Zambia questioning the “drama”.


CiSCA chairperson Bishop John Mambo said CiSCA would like to bring to the attention of the public a significant part of the former presidential spokesperson’s resignation speech in which he stated that having seen the NDF resolutions, he decided to resign than be caught up “if in future if he decided to run for public office.”


“What does that tell us? Under President [Edgar] Lungu, Parliament is a rubber stamp! How can Amos be so sure that what came out of the NDF is going to be enacted even before the Bill is presented to the legislature for legislation?” he asked. “The man put this in writing, meaning he had time to carefully think through it. He confirmed what the church mother bodies and all other people who have the best interest of the nation hold that the NDF was a scam, a scheme and a charade orchestrated to justify the circumventing of the will of the people on the Constitution.”


Bishop Mambo said the NDF resolutions were a fait accompli even before the sittings begun.


“Like the Buddha say, there are three things one cannot hide, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth! We now know the truth in black and white, Parliament under the current hegemony is only a hammer to nail down the executive’s wishes,” he said.


Bishop Mambo said Chanda just confirmed that Zambia was currently a de facto autocracy.


He strongly urged the MPs not to be used as a rubber stamp of State House but to send a stronger message to the presidency that they were there not only to represent their constituents’ collective will but to also provide the checks and balances by maintaining the doctrine of the separation of powers.


“When the Bill rears its head in Parliament, with a clear conscience, consign the NDF Bill to the dustbin where it belongs together with the NCC Bill,” said Bishop Mambo.


Chanda called a press briefing at State House and announced his resignation, an action that many have received with shock.


“Back home to some political drama. The first news I saw was the resignation of Amos Chanda, the Special Assistant to the President for Press.

This news shocked me in a number of ways: 1. I did not see this resignation coming – he was a staunch dye in the wool and at times overzealous spokesperson for State House – only comparable to the mystical goalkeeper we referred to in our youth as ‘nkafwanayo’ – literally dying with the football in hand and not in the goal,” Lifuka said.

Lifuka wrote on his Facebook account that he was shocked that Chanda, as a civil servant, held a press conference to announce his resignation.


“The venue of the presser is also telling – a civil servant holding a press conference at State House with the Presidential flag in place – and the owner of the House [is] around. This is vintage stuff. In my ‘short’ life I have heard of many a resignation of senior civil servants but never in this flamboyant manner. This makes me ask the question – did Amos really resign on his own accord or was he asked to resign and to make sure he did resign, a venue was provided for him? And if he was made to resign, what was the trigger for this? What did he do or not do? I guess we will know in a couple of days or weeks or years,” Lifuka said.

“The announcement of the resignation is on official State House headed paper. Now I am very confused by this – official State House paper is used to communicate official business related to the Presidency, and maybe this is also stretching it a little bit and let me say it straight – every time State House headed paper has been used, it is in relation to President Lungu. Now why would a senior civil servant use official paper to communicate his resignation? Mind you at that point he had already communicated his resignation to the appointing authority. Oh well, maybe I am just tired from the long trip and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Let me just sleep – after all there are many ways of skinning a cat and Amos chose a novel one.

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