FIC should be commended and not fought – Mwenye

FORMER Attorney General Musa Mwenye says a father should not fight his own child for doing the right thing.

In a tweet on Friday, Mwenye, a former Law Association of Zambia president, said the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) should be “commended for doing a good job and the State should therefore investigate & prosecute the corrupt and not defend those accused of stealing from the Zambian people.”

The FIC has come under attack from mainly President Edgar Lungu who has accused the government wing of fueling speculation and gossip.

He also suggested that the law should be changed as it was just creating “poison among us.”

“I refuse to be part of this ‘mfwiti mfwiti mfwiti’ kuti? (There is a witch, there is a witch…where?)” President Lungu said and his remarks have been echoed by mainly PF supporters.

However, other responded to Mwenye’s tweet saying:

Mutombo M Nswana: To even hear him shout mfwiti mfwiti is more disturbing. Let those mentioned in the fix report face the law.

Sishuwa Sishuwa: And how could a self-confessed Christian shout Mfwiti Mfwiti instead of Jesus! Jesus?!

RiseUp: I feel every time we have such scandals & expect or ask the president to do something about it we give too much power to that person. I wish we investigative wings could just move in and do their jobs but they are sitted waiting for POZ. This system is flawed

DYSTOPIA: That’s the way it should be but that would be asking for too much of the ‘father’ in question. He has been exhibiting the same pattern of behavior over time.


Len: We are adopted children…soooo….


Caesar Cheelo: Well said SC, well said! Public institutions should be strengthened and insulated from undue pressures that will undermine their professionalism and integrit.

Media Conveners: Imagine if this was said when you were Attorney General, the very same reasons you remained silent is the same excuse those in office are giving. How can we help those in office to speak truth to leadership with respect?


Musa Mwenye, SC: I would advise Govt privately in keeping with the duties of the AG and as a lawyer, like I did on several occasions. One such principled decision I took probably lead to my being relieved of my duties as AG.

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