Let’s use sports to keep youths away from bad vices – Chiinga

SPORTS can be used to keep the youths away from careless beer drinking and other vices, says Chrispin Chiinga.

Chiinga, who aspires to run for the Munali Parliamentary seat in the 2021 elections, said he wanted to help the youth stay clean by engaging them in sports activities.

“We are trying to promote sports activities in our community, where we see people coming together and engaging in sports. We want to encourage them because we have a lot of challenges with the youths. We have some who are drinking carelessly, and them coming together like this is something that will keep them away from such vices,” Chiinga said.

Chiinga, who is also known as Chrismall, said he was encouraged by President Edgar Lungu, who was serious with his keep fit programme.

“We are getting the encouragement from our President, he is waking up early in the morning to go and exercise and doing that as a father of the nation, we are encouraged and us as sponsors we are encouraging the youths to be doing something,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chiinga said he would soon be launching a sports tournament for the youth in Munali Constituency.

“We will soon be launching a football tournament and this one will include all the communities, all the wards will be involved and when we launch this one, it will go all the way to somewhere in November because we want the participation of every active youth,” said Chiinga.

He was speaking when he went to donate balls, whistles, trophies and bottled water, all worth K2,300 to youths of St Agness Deanery when they played a sports tournament at Munali Secondary School grounds in Lusaka.

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