People are getting a bitter taste of the govt, says FDD member


FDD member Thaulo Banda says the hard problems that Zambians have been exposed to by the failed leadership of PF will cost them in 2021.

And Banda said instead of getting a sweet taste of the government they chose, they were getting a bitter taste.

In an interview, Banda said people were now aware that the PF were using delayed projects to trick people to give them another chance but that this time people would not be cheated.

“Do or die due to these problems. With these hardships people are facing, in 2021 wina azalira (someone will cry) as people are now very much aware of the lies that betray them. Our friends in PF always use the word development only during elections, when it’s about elections you will see various projects being started so that when elections time comes they tell electorates that give us another mandate so that we finish these projects we have started and once given the chance, they permanently abandon the projects only to come again after 5 years,” Banda said. “All these tricks are now known to the deceived electorates who have now decided to teach some politicians lessons.”

Banda said people want to taste the sweet of the government they chose but were instead getting a bitter taste, which had angered people who would wish to have elections today.

“We want to feel the sweetness of our government because that is what people expected by putting it in power. People don’t want to be loved only when or during elections but when elections are far, let people feel loved by the leaders they chose such as a president, member of parliament and counsellor but if none of these is visible to the people then people have no option than to change leadership,” Banda said

He reminded politicians that a person would only decide to change leadership based on the treatment they receive from the politicians or leaders in authority. He challenged the nation not to allow their problems be compensated with a cap, t/shirt, chitenge which only come during elections after which there is another five years of total poverty and suffering.

“My advise to the people of Zambia is that let’s learn to think deep for our children. We can receive a cap, a t/shirt or chitenge today, but will these sort out the problems people of Zambia undergo? The answer is no! So let’s see that we make decisions that will benefit our young children who will make a better Zambia but if we are selfish, they shall remain suffering,” Banda said.

He cited some examples of bridges in Kapoche Constituency like Chingombe bridge, which the PF promised during elections but to date nothing had been done.

He also recalled that the PF promised to tar Sinda and Nyanje roads, which were terribly bad but have not been worked on.

He said people had learnt that good leadership was about the qualities of an individual because the PF had shown people true failure.

“The suit we where told and which we wore has no meaning to us, it’s not a dependable suit, it has failed completely and we have to learn something that a suit does not end problems but true characters and qualities of a good leadership will help if we adopt such a move in 2021” said Banda.

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