We’ll restore professionalism in the judiciary and police service – NDC


WE shall restore professionalism in the judiciary and police service, says NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.

In an interview, Akafumba, who is former justice permanent secretary, said the judiciary and police can work better than they are doing presently.

“We have heard of judicial and police heads warning officers against poor work habits, corruption and calling for independence, but as at now with the current PF administration, it is a far fetched dream. It like what the Bible says: ‘Vanity.’ It’s like chasing the wind,” he said.

“However, I want to assure the judicial officers and the police men and women in uniform that the NDC will ensure high standards of professionalism, we shall restore professionalism in these two vital organs of democratic governance which has been infiltrated by the PF,” Akafumba said.

He added that the leadership of the NDC led by  Chishimba Kambwili would also restore dignity in the media, especially those controlled by the government.

“Just look at how the police handled protestors in London over President Trump’s visit; they (police) actually aided, protected and guided the protestors until their leaders addressed them. They even made a dummy of Trump seating on a toilet seat, they made a balloon of a baby Trump in diaper. If it was here in Zambia, oh my God, we would have seen policemen being ordered by the PF to arrest all protestors and charge them with all sorts of crimes and ZNBC would have not been allowed to cover the event as did BBC,” he said.

Akafumba, a prominent lawyer, said the police had in the recent past been ordered to fish for crimes in the Penal Code as opposed to releasing anyone deemed being against the PF.

Akafumba added that warnings of a recession by American economists over Trump’s threats of increased taxes on products from China and Mexico was a big blow to Zambia.

“I don’t think we can survive this one if it happens, look at the way the PF has subjected Zambians to load-sheding, which is actually worse than the last one. Look at the debt burden they have gotten the country into and the high unemployment levels. If the recession happened, we are doomed as a country because the PF under Edgar Lungu is incapable of handling this,” said Akafumba.

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