AMOS BECAME BIG HEADED…like he was a de facto president – Kambwili


THERE is more to Amos Chanda’s ‘resignation’ than meets the eye, Chishimba Kambwili has said. He said as President Edgar Lungu’s press aide, Chanda had became too big headed.

“He was like a de facto President,” Kambwili said in an interview.

Kambwili, a former information minister, said the move was more than just a voluntary resignation by Chanda who he said was a “very arrogant man” when he served in the presidency. Kambwili prayed that society would receive Chanda with open arms. He wondered how Chanda could use a proposed constitutional amendment clause which has not been passed yet in Parliament to be the reason for his resignation.

“The resignation of Amos Chanda is dented with a lot of suspicion. If you follow the statement that he gave, it’s a statement that makes Zambians even more suspicious. There is a lot of speculation,” Kambwili said. “In the same statement, he is saying that he is resigning so that he is not caught up in the web where he chooses to run for public office. That he would be told that it’s two years to qualify but that proposal has not been tabled in Parliament so what makes Amos so confident that that amendment will be passed by Parliament and be part of the Constitution?”

The NDC leader said going by Chanda’s ‘hallucinations’ over the reason for his resignation, there was a lot of speculation over his departure.

“Secondly, he is saying those who are risking the job of the President must resign and he went on to say that it was not true that he had received US$3.3 million and then he castigates the FIC [Financial Intelligence Centre] report as being speculative and source of…. With me nililya batila muci bemba ati alesabaila nga umulwele wa menso (he is hallucinating like an eye patient),” he said. “He is the only one who knows why he resigned, whether he was forced to resign or it was in his own accord but his statements have left a lot of speculation,” he said.

Kambwili said it was very surprising that a man who defended all State House dealings and President Lungu with his life could resign on his own accord.

He also said Chanda owed the country an apology for being such an arrogant press aide.


“From my political experience, the man has committed an offence which he must have been told to resign or be fired. In the other school of thought, it’s either he has a very big problem with his principal that they are not getting along,” Kambwili said. “Look, Amos was very arrogant. Amos insulted everybody who questioned the dealings at State House or who questioned President Edgar Lungu’s way of running government and his behaviour was that of a person who thought he was born and would die in State House. So it’s every surprising that such a man can resign on his own accord.”

Kambwili stressed that there was more to Amos’s resignation that meets the eye.

“In Bemba they say akanwa kamilandu kalaibala (the guilty are always afraid)…nobody asked Amos to say all the things that he said on that day. It will come out, the truth about his resignation will come out. What goes up must come down,” said Kambwili. “He was saying when he was in State House he never disagreed with anybody in his personal capacity and whatever he did was for and on behalf of the President, so does it me the insults he showered on me it was the President who asked him to insult me? He owes the country an apology for being such an arrogant press aide. Amos became too big headed, he was like a de facto President, and I hope he will be received well by society.”

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  1. DOp

    June 11, 2019 at 10:46 am

    What most Zambians had predicted has come to pass. A very long jail time awaits you Mr. arrogance.

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