Mukuka calls for female presidential press aide

POLITICAL researcher Dr Cephas Mukuka says President Edgar Lungu should look for a credible woman to fill up the vacancy left by Amos Chanda. Dr Mukuka said following Thursday’s resignation of Chanda as presidential press aide and spokesperson, it was advisable for President Lungu to seriously consider appointing a lady to fill the gap.
He said President Lungu was on record to have appointed the first female Vice-President in Zambia’s history.

“So far Mama Inonge Wina has not brought shame or disgrace to the appointing authority as it were. The woman is not only hard working but equally a role model to this generation and those to come after her tour of duty,” Dr Mukuka said.

“It should be appreciated that Lungu has a number of female ministers serving in his government and will do the region and the entire continent proud if he went on appointing a female press aide in his office.”

He, however, said it would be a big challenge to such an appointee considering the fact that for long press aides have been male.

“We would like to see how this lady would handle issues, how she would carry out herself, and how she would relate with opposition members and members of the public at large. There is no crime in such an appointment. Actually it’s in line with the SADC Declaration of appointing ladies to positions of influence,” said Dr Mukuka.

“So far Africa has produced two female presidents in the history of the continent, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and Joyce Banda of Malawi. The performance of the duo wasn’t bad at all. Promoting of women in positions of influence should not end with the Beijing Conference or the SADC Declaration but rather a reality which should be monitored frequently by parties involved.”

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