PF will continue to get rid of unproductive members, says Banda

MINISTER of Tourism and Arts Dr Charles Banda says the Patriotic Front will continue to get rid of people who are not productive in the party. In an interview on Sunday after drilling two boreholes in Chilulu village of Kapoche ward and Zomba village in Mwangaila ward, worth K25,000, Dr Banda said those that left PF did nothing good to the party other than causing confusion. He refuted allegations that the Patriotic Front is loosing popularity saying its those leaving the party who were rotten and finished.

“PF, it’s not dying, it’s those people we have removed who are rotten and dying. We will see what they will do outside PF, they had strength because they where among us who are strong in PF and out there, let’s see how strong they will be. In fact, we are going to get rid of all those who are counter productive in the PF without any apology,” Dr Banda said.

“To those that left, they did nothing in our party.  In fact, they where busy fanning problems in the party. Let them go, we are going to see what they will do outside there! Their friends went and they have come back (referring to Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba); we will watch them. They failed to make meaningful contributions in the party, what are they going to do out there apart from bringing confusions? Good lucky to them.””

And addressing people after drilling a borehole in Zomba, Dr Banda said he used his own money for the project.

“During campaigns, we promised to come back with development when you put us in office which you did. You chose president Edgar Lungu, you choose me as an MP, councillors and council chairperson and now we have come as our aim is for you to have safe and clean drinking water. You requested good roads, dams, bridges and many more. As for water and bridges, we have done much and we are still doing…” he said.

He told the people that money was the centre of everything and that nothing could be done without it. Dr Banda said the government had engaged World Bank for money to be used to grade some important roads.

“When there is no money, we can’t do anything and nothing can happen. So when money will be available, all projects we promised will be done. Projects like roads and dams require a lot of money and not a K25,000 that is why issues of roads will be done from monies we will get from World Bank. All I can urge you is continue supporting us because the leadership of the Patriotic Front government under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu means well for the Zambian people,” said Dr Banda.

Headman Zomba Jorah Phiri thanked Dr Banda for the borehole. District party secretary Best Mwanza, who is also constituency development fund chairperson, said those that accuse Dr Banda of not being developmental oriented were liars because from 2016 to date, about 38 boreholes have been drilled in various wards using his own resources.

He also said Dr Banda had also constructed bridges, and made donations of cement to schools and churches. Dr Banda also paid a courtesy call on chieftainess Nyanje at her palace where the traditional leader complained about lack of water at her new palace. He then phoned his chiefs counterpart Lawrence Sichalwe, who promised to visit the traditional leader. Chieftainess Nyanje, however, complained to Sichalwe that she walks a distance to the old palace to take a bath.

She also complained that most government officials and leaders lie when they promise to visit.

“Lomba ninkhalemo tyani munganda pakuti muliye manzi? Ma toilet, bafa yalimo koma nucita kuyenda kuti nikasambe lomba naukalamba uno nikaleke kupona (how will I stay in this house without water? Toilet and bathroom are their but I have to walk to bath, now at my age will I not fall down?” said chieftainess Nyanje.

Later Dr Banda distributed a wheelchair, walking stick and crutches to three disabled people Yelemiya Mwale, Obister Mwale, and Lastoni Phiri.

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