Dora’s ‘country black’ tweet draws backlash


DORA Siliya has angered Zambians following her tweet that citizens are bent on painting the “country black” in the name of politics. In her message, the information minister wrote: “Just boarded a flight to Mfuwe enroute to Chipata. So many foreign tourists…Yet we are bent on painting our country black in the name of politics. We may have turbulence but Zambia first! God bless.”

But Canada-based lawyer Elias Munshya reacted, “@Dora_Siliya Zambians are extremely passionate about their country. Zambians love Zambia, it is the political thieving they despise. Do you understand the difference?”

Pamela Chisanga also took to Twitter telling Siliya: “You should have carried the FIC report to distribute to the tourists. Very unpatriotic not to sell our country for what it is madam! For an information minister, you aren’t doing much to disseminate real information about your country…”

Mutombo M Mwansa posted, “It becomes black when you are very comfortable sitting with someone in cabinet facing 9 charges of corruption and earning a salary. What do you take the Zambian people for. Techalo chenu ichi.”

Richard Rivers wrote, “Does talking about ECL uncaring attitude count as black? What are the kids at CBU whose future is in doubt supposed to think? What should the unpaid postal workers tell their families when they go home? Oh, Zambia is great, because foreigners are enjoying. Amazing logic Madam.”

Mophat Kaizer wrote, “Sorry madame they are not necessarily tourist but business people looking for an opportunity to benefit from the uranium, oil and other precious stones available in our country which are hardly regulated or exploited ….”

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