If there’s a serpent in Zambia, it is with the PF – Sensele


NATIONAL Democratic Congress central committee member Paul Sensele says it is stupidity and an insult to Zambians for PF’s Kebby Mbewe to say that their sufferings are biblical.
Mbewe, a PF member of the central committee, said Zambians now need wisdom from God.
“Zambians must not blame President Edgar Lungu for their suffering today but understand that their pain is biblical because of the serpent that deceived creation, which was Adam and Eve,” he said.
“Zambians should never listen to serpents like Chishimba Kambwili, who is now acting in a manner of a serpent. Kambwili is a serpent, he is a deceiver, wanting to deceive Zambians and Zambians should watch out,” charged Mbewe, adding that the opposition leader together with UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema had abnormal appetites to become Republican president.
Reacting to Mbewe’s comments that Zambians must not blame President Edgar Lungu for their suffering today but understand that their pain
was biblical, Sensele, a former Livingstone district commissioner, said Mbewe must feel ashamed to afford three meals a day, take his children to school and drive lavish vehicles while the majority of Zambians, including public workers wake up confronted with economic uncertainties.
“The young man just showed us his stupidity; it is stupidity and an insult to Zambians for him to say that their sufferings are biblical…we know that a selected few PF members, especially those
that are greedy, are now stinking rich and are able to drive lavish cars, eat the best meals while a majority of PF members, especially
women and youths, are wallowing in poverty. We have Zambians, including civil servants that are now struggling with payment of rentals, loan
repayments and generally food and education for their children. But alas Mbewe can afford to insult their intelligence,” he said.
“We all know that the sufferings of Zambians today are human caused and not God’s wish. The problems that Zambia faces today are caused by
PF’s Edgar Lungu and not biblical. If so how come Botswana and Namibia are doing fine? How come that some PF cadres like Mbewe and others in the province are stinking rich? Where are their riches coming from? It’s no doubt that their riches are not biblical but due to high levels of corruption,” Sensele said.
He added that Mbewe should not drag Kambwili in the revelations of gross corruption in the government by the Financial Intelligence Centre’s report.
Sensele said Mbewe should instead ask his party president Edgar Lungu to tell Zambians where the millions of dollars that he and his ministers had amassed come from.
“If there is a serpent in Zambia, it is in the PF. The deceiver of Zambians is in the ruling party and is at State House. God is watching and He never forgets the suffering of His people. He is watching the PF and all those that are corrupt and thieves that one day, it shall come to pass to the benefit of Zambians. We all know that day that God has made is in 2021, so let Mbewe lick his riches today and cry the other day as his so-called angels in the PF will be made to answer
to the many injustices subjected onto Zambians,” said Sensele.

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