I’ll continue fighting for a better Zambia – Nkomeshya


(By Edwin Mbulo in Mbeza, Namwala)

I WILL continue to fight to see the best for Zambia, says chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II. And Nalubamba’s daughter Dr Mutinta Nalubamba said her father used to say that he could not keep quiet when things are not right even if this meant that he would be considered as being controversial.

In her tribute during the burial of senior chief Bright Nalubamba at Mbeza in Namwala, Nkomeshya said she was devastated when she learnt of the demise of Nalubamba.

He was aged 78.

“He was one of the strongest persons, fearless, a person who was never compromised. He stood for the truth, defended and protected what God gave his people,” she said.

“It’s my duty to agree with the government of the day but also I don’t mind to disagree with the government of the day so long as I can speak the voice of the people. This is what I will continue to do just like my brother, in the casket, did. I promise you too that I will continue to fight to see the best for Zambia. Pray for us, give us strength to fight for a better Zambia so that we will be free to do what is better for Zambia.”

Nkomeshya said the national cake should be shared equally.

She said she was not injuring anybody but appealing to leaders to change.

“I have seen as I was traveling here the lifestyle of chief Nalubamba, he fought for his people…we want to see some improvement also here, the government of the people, by the people, for the people must provide services for the people,” said Nkomeshya.

And Dr Nalubamba said her father believed in the power of education.

“There are many things that my father can be remembered for, but I will restrict myself to three. He believed in the power of education and knowledge. He told us that the most important thing he could give us was to facilitate for our education and what we did after that was up to us. I beg you all, let your children go to school especially the girl child,” she said.

“The second thing he used to say was that evil is abound when fools keep quiet. He spoke against injustices many times. He often said that he could not keep quiet when things were not right, even if he was to be considered controversial. But he was open to hear the other side.”

Dr Nalubamba said her father dreamt of making Mbeza chiefdom one of the greatest in the country.

“My father was of many, many, many dreams including that of building a university and he knew that this was possible by empowering the grassroots. We will miss his dreams but we are hopeful that this dream will not be in vain,” said Dr Nalubamba.

His grandchildren Muluke, Michel and Monze Nalubamba also paid their tributes to the late traditional leader saying he was a true leader who did not like laziness, never believed in appeasements and indicated that frankness never breaks friendships.

Monze Diocese Bishop Moses Hansungule in a tribute read on his behalf by Fr Cletus Mwila said Nalubamba’s request to him was a Bible.

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Southern Province minister Edify Hamukale attended the burial together with several chiefs namely Chikanta, Monze, Kakunta (Northern Province), Chipepo, Macha, Machila, Mwaanza, Choona and Hamusonde.

Nalubamba is survived by a wife Elina, 15 children and several grandchildren

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