We’re lacking discipline, says Mwila

PF secretary general Davies Mwila has urged the people of Eastern Province to vote the way Southerners vote. And Mwila says there is lack of discipline in the ruling party where members were even insulting senior members. Meanwhile, Eastern Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha has retained his position.
Closing the Eastern Province conference at Chipata College of Education on Tuesday, Mwila said the PF expects massive support from the province because that was where President Edgar Lungu hails from.
“Chairman, you have to ensure that there is unity in the party in this province. The last time I came, I said in terms of voting, you are supposed to be number one because President Edgar Chagwa Lungu comes from this province kumwesu tweba ati akabushi kasengula apo kakele akacila ka mbushi (a goat’s tail cleans where it sits). The support must start from your constituency then you start going somewhere. So even here, nangu mwalikala tondolo, ndemiyeba fila ba vota balya baku (even if you stay quiet, I am telling you the way people from) Southern Province [vote], that’s the way you are supposed to be voting pa kwakwana takwaba insoni (there is no shying away when sharing mealie-meal). The President comes from this… I know ba media you will quote me, I don’t mind, these are politics! You need to vote the way those guys and ladies vote in Southern Province. The President comes from here so we expect massive support from here then we go to Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and other strongholds,” he said.

Mwila urged members of parliament, council chairpersons, and councillors to ensure that they take those who were eligible to get NRCs to registration offices so that they get NRCs as the country heads to 2021. He asked the provincial executive committee and MPs to take keen interest in the delimitation process which had started. And Mwila said PF had demonstrated to others that it was possible to lead a truly democratic and inclusive political party where all members were free to exercise their rights to choose leaders of their choice without fear or intimidation.

“I want to challenge our colleagues from other political parties, especially UPND, to emulate the example we have set as a truly democratic party. You cannot claim to be democratic when you impose yourself as a life president of the party like Hakainde Hichilema, denying the general membership the right to vote. My last born son when he was 2, 3 years, that’s when Hakainde Hichilema became president, so they have never gone to any convention, so how democratic are they? They are dictators,” he charged.
Mwila told PF members that there were no losers and winners but were all members of one family.

“I would like to congratulate all those that have emerged victorious. May I also congratulate all those that stood but did not make it for it is by your spirited challenge that democracy has prevailed. How else can you claim to have credible elections if you stand against yourself? Such is not an election but a mere selection, the mockery of democracy. In PF there are no winners and losers, we are all members of one family under great leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” he said.
Mwila called for discipline among party members.

“I was mandated by the last central committee that we have to instill discipline in the members of the party. That is one of the things that we are lacking in the party and I want to assure you that I am on top of things as secretary general of the party. Some of you have been insulting the leadership when you were outside the leadership, now you are inside the leadership and I want to tell you that you are on a weaker side. Any form of indiscipline you will go faster than you came and I want to tell you that there are too many people who want these positions. Anyone who will be involved in matters of indiscipline will be chucked out of the party,” he said.

Mwila advised those who want to remain in the party to respect the party leadership. And Lubusha commended the party membership for the continued confidence in his leadership. He said he was happy that both camps team ANDRICH which was his and team ELIBOMA (for Elias Daka, who boycotted the poll due to violence and intimidation) competed.

“This is the last day that I must hear any party official talk of team ANDRICH or team ELIBOMA. The intra party elections are now done and as Eastern Province, we are getting back to the ground as team Edgar Chagwa Lungu, so let us work together. I am going to embrace each and every leader who has emerged victorious, mine is to embrace everyone. May I also take this opportunity to apologise in case I erred in my first term, munikhululukireko aini (forgive me), this is a new deal of leadership, which is going to deliver above what we delivered with the previous team,” he said.

Lubusha said he would phone his only challenger, Daka alias ELIBOMA, to open a new chapter with him.
“Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be calling my elder brother ELIBOMA and I will try to invite him for dinner, hope he will come over. If he is going to request me to follow him to Petauke, I will follow him with my team so that we sit down together with his team and open a new chapter which is going to ensure that in 2021 we deliver above expectation,” he said.
Chasefu MP Gerald Zimba is the new vice-chairperson, Vubwi MP Margaret Miti was elected women’s chairlady while Nyimba MP Olipa Phiri Mwansa is the women’s treasurer.
Emmanuel Jay Banda of Petauke is the new youth chairperson replacing William Phiri.

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