We’ve become known as a country of great scandals, laments Akafumba


NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba says it is no longer a pride to be known as a Zambian internationally due to the many scandals, thefts and corruption that has rocked the PF government. And Akafumba, a former justice permanent secretary, says Konkola Copper Mines workers have been thrown overboard and left to sharks to determine their fate.
In an interview, Akafumba said the PF leadership, under President Edgar Lungu, does not like the message from the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC).

“The appetite by the PF to dance to ‘pelete’ is worrying. I normally ask God as to what has befallen this once great nation to be a laughable one internationally. It is no longer a proud thing to be known as a Zambian because we have become known as a country of great scandals, theft and corruption. It is laughable, President Lungu and his friends can defend wrongs as highlighted by the FIC report. He is defending scandals as his friends cheer at thieves,” Akafumba said.
He said it was terrible that a government institution could rubbish the FIC Trends Report 2018.

“They are saying ni mfwiti (witchcraft), if so then we salute the witch-finder…FIC are merely a messenger telling the nation the state of affairs, they are just revealing the thefts perpetrated by the PF, but as usual the PF does not like the message and they have thus resolved to kill the messenger and burn the message,” Akafumba said. He added that the President’s reaction to the FIC report was not good for a democratic nation unless one under a military junta that was ruling by decree and dictatorship. Akafumba also indicated that the PF had gone to liquidate KCM without hearing its side just like they did to The Post.

“What a legal drama…the liquidation of KCM was just a way of disguising the PF’s desire to get another infester from China. The PF does not care about the workers’ plight; they have thrown them over-board into the ocean and left to the mercy of the sharks to decide their final fate,” he said.

“There is complete breakdown of law and order in the country, but we should soldier on and ensure that we kick out the PF in 2021. I want to assure the Zambian people that the NDC leadership under the presidency of Chishimba Kambwili will sweep all the rubbish that has been generated by the PF and we will make Zambian great once again and make Zambians smile. But as at present, when one finds someone on the streets, it is difficult to tell if one is smiling at you or crying at the country’s harsh economic situation,” said Akafumba.

Meanwhile, Akafumba says the National Dialogue Forum was a circus and some clowns performed President Edgar Lungu’s script. And Akafumba says it is idiotic for justice minister to say that the NDF was never meant for reconciliation. Meanwhile, Akafumba says the NDF was a sham to the integrity of Parliament.

In an interview, Akafumba said the NDF was Zambia’s biggest joke since 1964.

“I cannot even think of any other joke that has ever befallen Zambia before apart from the so-called NDF. If you look at its terms of reference, these are actually what Parliament was created for, the PF government literary told the honourable members of parliament that they were immaterial as it could find ways of proposing bills outside the house,” he said.

“In short, the NDF assumed the role of the MPs and now they will just be used as rubber stumps to legitimise the needs of the PF and President Edgar Lungu. The entire process was a waste of time, resources, it was literary a circus moderated by the PF from State House and some clowns were invited to perform President Lungu’s desires,” Akafumba said.

He noted that the bills that were passed at the NDF should have been left to Parliament to deliberate on. Akafumba said the NDF should not have been given the terms of reference that it deliberated on as it was away from the meaning of dialogue.

“We all had thought that the NDF would have brought people like Hakainde Hichilema, Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Kalaba and some traditional leaders to chart the way forward on national reconciliation, peace and good governance. We had hoped that the police Inspector General was going to attend the NDF and assure the nation that no Zambians’ rights of assembly or movement would be infringed on,” he said.

“Imagine the man saying: ‘In Section 4 of the NDF Act, there is nowhere is reconciliation mentioned…it was not part of the agenda…the question is who is to be reconciled? Who is quarrelling with whom and on what? Political players will always be in competition for leadership, we in political parties believe that our policies are irreconcilable. If we are to reconcile our views, we would have one party. This is a idiotic, Zambians should never be fooled like this.

However, we have a chance to undo what the PF has done to Zambia in all sectors,” said Akafumba.

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