KCM clarifies Nchanga smelter’s status

KONKOLA Copper Mines corporate affairs manager Eugene Chungu says the Nchanga smelter had been idle pending availability of concentrates stocks. Operations at Nchanga smelter in Chingola have come to a halt following the disappearance of a flash disk which aids the operating software. The missing flash disk includes the application certificate licence key. The application certificate is the licence key for software used for running the computerised system of the smelter.

Initially, there were reports of mixture of water and diesel running in the system, affecting the operations of the smelter. Sources claim the software is stored on a flash disk and the disk has been reported missing. But Chungu in a statement said the smelter had been idle pending availability of concentrate stocks.

“Konkola Copper Mines Plc (KCM) wishes to comment on media reports regarding the status of the smelter situated at Nchanga, Chingola. The facts are as follows: The smelter has been idle pending availability of concentrates stocks. KCM has planned to start up the smelter on 22nd June 2019,” stated Chungu.

“During this period a theft of electronic equipment was detected, which has not impacted on the status of the smelter operations at all. KCM is committed to enhancing security levels at all its facilities during this transition phase. The theft experienced at the smelter is being investigated and efforts are in place to ensure that all those involved are firmly dealt with to the full extent of the law.”

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