Govt contracts Poly Technologies to work on Chipata roads


LOCAL government minister Vincent Mwale says government did a good analysis that by reducing school fees it is not going to kill or affect operations of schools.
And Mwale says Poly Technologies Road Contractor is expected to tar a stretch of 50 kilometres of township roads in Chipata.
Responding to a question on the reduction of school fees during Breeze FM’s political hour programme recently, Mwale, who is also Chipangali member of parliament, said there were better ways of running schools than having to rely
on parents to foot the bills.

“This government has done a very careful analysis to understand that when we reduce school fees for our students we are actually not killing schools. Government has done a very good work, analysis, research and this decision was informed by the
analysis that we have done. Government will consistently be able to provide funding that is required so that these schools continue to run. Yes, we may have little challenges for now but this is not a permanent situation, government is working round the clock to make sure that we provide all the financing required to run government services. This is a very serious government and we are working very hard to make sure that these challenges are overcome,” he said.
“President Lungu wants see every child have an equal opportunity to go to primary and secondary school and after that be able to go to university so that they go and take care of the nation. As you know the world is very competitive, the labour market is becoming very, very competitive. We want our children to compete against those children
who are educated in America, Singapore, Malaysia because the world is becoming one globe,”
When asked to comment on stalled works on the Chipata-Chadiza and Chipata-Vubwi, Mwale said the works would resume soon.
“The Minister of Finance (Margaret Mwanakatwe was here (Chipata) only last week and when she returned to Lusaka she was actually having
meetings with ourselves and our colleagues at infrastructure to make sure that works on the Chipata/Vubwi and Chipata/Chadiza resume. She
is having very serious meetings to make sure that the roads are re-financed and that we find money. Look, this government set up tollgates to make sure that we raise money and money raised from the tollgates is earmarked for investment in the road sector,” he said.
And Mwale said most Chipata roads would be worked on by a Chinese contractor adding that variation of the same project had already been
“Here in Chipata most roads that were worked on sometime back had been damaged and the area MP here (Chipata Central) Moses Mawere, every time
he is coming to my office to push so that the Ministry of Local Government pays the contractor so that the roads are worked on. He is always having meetings with Honourable [Ronald] Chitotela and the provincial minister. He is also on course making sure that these roads are worked on. For Chipata roads, very soon there will be good news, we have just done a variation to the project, a contractor who was working on the roads in Ndola called Poly Technologies. We have also done a
variation to do up to 50 kilometres township roads here in Chipata at a very high quality grade that has to be done here,” he said.
Mwale said the works that would be done in Chipata would be an extension of the contract that Poly Technologies already had in Ndola.

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