Nalubamba was a true patriot who never sold his people – Musumali


CHIEF Bright Nalubamba leaves behind a legacy, he never sold his people, says Dr Cosmas Musumali. Senior Bright Nalubamba was put to rest last Wednesday in Mbeza. Dr Musumali, the Socialist Party Secretary general, who attended the burial said the late chief was a true patriot who never knelt for governments even when it was fashionable to do so.

He described him as a leader who dedicated his life not to just the people of Mbeza but his commitment was to the whole Zambia.

“He is somebody who in the 70s worked and fought hard to make sure that this country had viable cooperative structures, those cooperative structures were made to eradicate poverty in our country. And we owe him a lot from that perspective,” Dr Musumali said.


Dr Musumali applauded the traditional leader for his role as a critical and informative voice towards good governance for the past 20 years.

“In the 80s and 90s, Bright Nalubamba, this great patriot of Zambia, did a lot to ensure that the fight against HIV/AIDS was carried out in a traditional leader’s structures. Later on, over the past 20 years or so, he has been a critical and informative voice towards good governance. He is somebody who has paved a way for many other people that today are crying and are quit unhappy that Zambia degenerated in terms of good governance, in terms of corruption and many other vices,” Dr Musumali said.


“It was fashionable and it is still fashionable for traditional leaders to sell themselves, to kneel down before government, Bright Nalubamba never did that. He is a true example of what traditional leadership ought to be. He never sold his people, he never betrayed his people and that legacy that he is leaving behind and those of us that were privileged to have known him we are grateful for that and say thank you so much to this great patriot of Zambia,” said Dr Musumali.

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