Zambians must reject Barabbas in 2021 – Akafumba


JOSEPHS Akafumba hopes that Zambians in 2021 will reject Barabbas (in apperent reference to the ruling PF) and accept Jesus who will come with salvation. In an interview, Akafumba, the opposition National Democratic Congress vice-president, said the PF leaders were practicing the opposite of what Christianity entailed.

He urged those in national leadership to practice what the Christian faith demands of them. He said being humble was not one of the qualifications of being a Christian.


“Subjecting those with opposing views to perpetual court appearance is not fair and it’s unChristian in a Christian nation. Everyday it’s court on tramped up charges, going to the opposition and throwing them into the coolers. Christianity means following the teachings of Christ, being humble is not one of the qualifications of being a Christian. Being a Christian, you have to follow the way Christ taught how to follow him, to ‘carry your own cross and follow me’,” Akafumba said.

Akafumba prayed that Zambians must reject Barabbas and choose Jesus, who was to come with salvation.


“But the Zambian Christian has been redefined under Edgar (Lungu). Under Edgar, Christianity means harassing your political opponents, they should not assemble. Everyday other political opponents should be in court on tramped up charges where there is no evidence coming up. At times I sit down and wonder whether we really have a DPP (Director of Public Prosecution) when you look at the evidence coming out of these fake charges, However, 2021 is near and it is our hope that Zambians this time will reject Barabbas,” Akafumba said.

He promised that under the NDC government, Christians, Zambians, and all religious groupings would have their freedom of assembly reinvigorated.

“Zambia being a Christian nation and believing that Zambians are Christian will have a choice in 2021 to choose between Barabbas and Jesus and this time around Zambians must reject Barabbas and choose Jesus who is to come with salvation,” he said.

He urged Zambians to turn up in numbers and support NDC in 2021 “so that all of us rid this country of this corrupt PF regime. Barabbas must go, aleya Barabbas,” said Akafumba.

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