Approving NDF proposals will kill our democracy, Laura warns MPs

ALLIANCE for Community Action executive director Laura Miti fears that Zambia’s democracy may be killed if Parliament approves the proposals of the National Dialogue Forum.

Parliament resumes sitting tomorrow and this session would debate the proposals of the NDF for possible inclusion in the country’s Constitution.

In a Facebook posting on Sunday, Miti said justice minister Given Lubinda had “long and carefully laid plans to capture the Republican Constitution for the partisan interests of the PF.”

She feared Lubinda’s plans would come to fruition and kill the democracy of the country by including in the Constitution clauses that citizens did not want.
“We will have deputy ministers that the country neither needs nor wants back which will allow President Lungu and the ruling party legal access to government money and vehicles for the 2021 campaign,” she wrote. “Parliament will undemocratically stay in place ahead of those elections, again allowing ministers access to public money for PF campaigns. We will also have a very devious coalition government clause inserted into the Constitution. All of these changes have never been asked for by the people of Zambia.”

Miti said unless enough members of parliament refused to go down in history as Lubinda’s ultimate tools in the capture of the Constitution, “he will win his long race.”
“Our democracy, fought for so hard in years gone by, will be left barely breathing. The heart weeps.”

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