PF is perpetrating tribalism – Mukuni


THE PF is perpetrating tribalism in the country, says chief Mukuni.

Agreeing with paramount chief Mpezeni and Dr Munyonzwe Hamalengwa who advised Zambians to make the One Zambia One Nation motto work by not engaging in violence and offering platitudes about tribalism while deliberately hiding the real evidence and manifestation of tribalism, Mukuni said the PF is not doing anything to unite Zambians as Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s UNIP did.

“The torture and brutal force inflicted on fishermen and women in chief Hamusonde’s area by the PF is uncalled for. They are tribalists as a ruling party,” he said. “Most of the people who go to Bweengwa to fish are from Luapula, Central and Copperbelt. Most of them are Bemba and chief Hamusonde has welcomed all by even appointing some as his headmen. Why teargas them? Why burn their belongings? Why beat them? The answer is simple: the PF does not care about the welfare of Zambians.” Mukuni wondered why taxpayers’ money was wasted on military helicopters against defenceless Zambians.

He said Mpezeni was correct on the need to make the One Zambia One Nation motto work but was diplomatic not to blame the politicians for working against “this realisation.”

“We, as traditional leaders, have greatly embraced KK’s motto because we have and welcome all Zambians regardless of their tribe. We allow all to participate in the governance of our affairs. We don’t tolerate divisions based on tribe. [Chief] Hamusonde has Bembas as his headmen in Bweengwa. But for the PF this is a fallacy, even employment is a preserve of some tribes as was seen through the ZNS and teacher recruitment,” Mukuni said.

He appealed to Zambians to seriously interrogate   the PF government on tribal issues.

Mukuni said he was surprised that the tribal tag had become more pronounced under the PF government.

“We never had issues of tribalism talked about like this before. It is so pronounced by the PF leadership and Zambians need to check this and say no. Let us get back to the way we used to interact as a country under KK,” said Mukuni.

About 500 settlers that include fishermen in Likeng’a village in chief Hamusonde’s chiefdom in Bweengwa Constituency were last Friday left in the cold after their makeshift shelters and other belongings were burnt by government officers for practicing illegal fishing methods.

Confirming the development, Bweengwa UPND lawmaker Kasauta Michelo described the action taken by the government as barbaric and terrible.

Kasauta said it was shocking that the government would take such an action on its people instead of sensitising them on good fishing methods.

“Majority of the victims are Bemba speaking people who are mainly from Northern, Muchinga and Luapula provinces who relocated from their places of origin to come and settle here for fishing purposes and as people of Bweengwa, we welcomed them,” he said.

“We have lived with them in harmony and seeing them being brutalised like this by their own government is terrible. And we are wondering why this PF government could treat the people we received and stayed with peacefully like this.”

Kasauta said Bweengwa residents would defend the victims because “we are One Zambia One Nation.

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