PF’s Lubusha urges inclusiveness and tolerance in Eastern Province


EASTERN Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha says time has come for the party in the province to exhibit true leadership of inclusiveness. In a statement after he retained his position during last Tuesday’s provincial conference, Lubusha stated that the victory was not for him alone but the entire party membership in the province.

“My being re-elected as Eastern Province chairman and Member of Central Committee is not my victory but that of all of us as a province,” he stated.

“In 2015, I was appointed by H.E [His Excellency] Edgar Chagwa Lungu to lead the province. I took over when we only had three councillors, four members of parliament and zero council chairpersons. Under my leadership, in 2016, we delivered 14 MPs, 156 councillors, 14 council chairpersons, one mayor and close to 300,000 presidential votes as opposed to 88,000 votes produced by my predecessor in the 2015 presidential elections.”

Lubusha stated that during his first term in office the PF managed to record thousands of defectors including councillors.

“Furthermore, we united the party and instilled a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, hard work and selflessness amongst our general membership.

All this was achieved due to commitment and team work,” he stated. “May I share the sentiments of His Excellency the President of the mighty Patriotic Front party and declare that we shall rise and fall together as sons and daughters of Eastern province but certainly falling is not our portion. We shall remain a beacon of hope and peace.”

Lubusha said under his leadership Eastern Province chose hope over despair.

“As the sun rises from the east from the hills of Chipata, we choose to lift up our eyes above the turbulences in our land and commit ourselves that this newly elected provincial leadership brings us new hope in the province,” he stated.

“We are aware of several challenges we are facing as a province but behold for we have built an extremely powerful team which shall work tirelessly to serve our beloved province.”

Lubusha stated that his committee would continue to lobby for development and to continue encouraging elected members to deliver the campaign promises in line with the party manifesto and Seventh National Development Plan.


“Finally may I congratulate each and every member of the party who participated in these elections because there is no winner or loser in intraparty elections. Most importantly, may I sincerely thank our powerful campaign team comprising of Hon Masautso Kazungula Tembo, Sinda MP, His Worship the Mayor for Chipata Sinoya Mwale and Gesphasio Nkhowani for having given birth to a team that is willing to die a little for Kumawa,” stated Lubusha. “The time has now come for us to exercise true leadership of inclusiveness, tolerance, love, unity, forgiveness, discipline, loyalty, genuine reconciliation, serious party mobilisation and hard work.”

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