Politicians praying together can reduce political violence – Archbishop Chama


(By Tobias Phiri in Chilubi Island)

KASAMA diocese Archbishop Ignitious Chama has called on politicians to invite each other for worship to help reduce the violence that exists in politics. Speaking when he concluded an ordination mass celebration for three priests held at Santa Maria Parish, Archbishop Chama said his worry on political differences was lessened when he saw opposing politicians attend mass together.

“I have a worry and my worry is as follows: ilingiline ukuli amapepo aya uyu musango, na banensu aba mufikansa fya calo, kulaba ukulwishanya ukututila aba tabafwile ukubako, aba ebafwile ukusangwako. Elyo ili isakamiko lyandi namona ukuti ulubali lumo iyacepako panono ili namona ba honourable Mundubile nabekala nomunabo uwamufikansa fya calo uushaba mu party yabo (Most of the times when we have prayers like these, our friends the politicians usually differ saying this one is not supposed to be there and these people are the ones supposed to be there. Now my worry has on one part been lessened after seeing honourable Mundubile sitting with his colleague (Harry Kalaba) who is not a member of their political party,” Archbishop Chama said.

“They have both found themselves here and praying together. It’s nice to see you politicians in this manner at a time of prayer because it has given us a signal that you are not enemies; you are all children of God who are supposed to get together during time of worship.”

Archbishop Chama tipped politicians to invite each other for prayer meetings and ask for God’s guidance in their leadership.

“I ask you politicians, whenever there are prayers like these today, send each other invitation letters, say let’s go and worship and get God’s blessings so that we know how to rule the people and taking development to the people. Brothers I am delighted to see you seated this way,” he said.

“Keep worshiping together even if you can have different political parties and meetings but when it comes to prayer, pray together and this will help reduce problems with your followers who think that their political opponents are their enemies. What you have done is what I would love to see you do whenever you meet where there is worship.”

On his way back to Samfya from Chilubi Island in Northern Province, Kalaba paid a courtesy call on chief Mulongwe of Mbabala Island in Luapula Province. Addressing Kalaba and his entourage, Chief Mulongwe said it was their obligation to receive all politicians as they were their subjects. Kalaba and his delegation had a scary trip to Chilubi Island after their boat’s engine stopped midway to Chilubi from Samfya.

The team of five DP members, two journalists and the boat driver and his assistant set off from Samfya Bay at exactly 8:04 hours on Lake Bangweulu heading to Chilubi Island. The wind was aggressive and the tides became violent on the boat that was sailing against the currents. Soon, the bad weather worsened with the engine developing a fault and coming to a full stop. The boat that struggled to push against the wind was now wagging and panic was written on everyone’s face on board. As the captain of the boat struggled to resuscitate the engine, which he said had been water lodged and engulfed by pond weeds, the rest of the people on board remained mute and only observed.

Soon, the silence on board had grown and the captain was the person with traces of courage as he moved back to his steering panel and restarted the engine, which failed as the fuel tank was empty. The struggle continued with the captain now going to syphon some petrol from a reserve container into the main tank and while all this was happening, the wind and waves were ruthless. Those on board remained in utter silence and only gripped the rails at the edges of the somewhat old boat which had a broken glass on the right. The engine resumed functionality and slowly picked pace and by now, everyone on board had been soaked enough by the splashes from the high tides which hit the boat’s nose whenever it slowed down to avoid capsizing.

The journey that is normally an hour lasted 2 hours 47 minutes. The journey back to the main land was without incidences apart from only instance when the main tank dried and a reserve had to be engaged to finish off the tedious journey.

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