Stop playing games on people’s lives, UPND urges govt


GOVERNMENT last Friday also burnt a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church during a military raid on a fishing camp in Bweengwa, a UPND official has revealed. In a statement made available to The Mast, Neto Halwabala, who is Southern Province UPND information and publicity secretary, said it was hypocrisy of the highest level for the government to destroy property and endanger lives.

“The PF government sent the army, police and wildlife officers also accompanied by intelligence officers to a fishing camp in Monze’s Bweengwa armed with guns and brutalised innocent and defenseless Zambians,” he said.

“As if that was not enough, even to burn an SDA church. This is a testimony that they don’t even respect the church in any way.”

Halwabala stated that it was very sad that the government was now indicating that it wants to distribute relief food and tents to the fishing community.

“The Bible calls this vanity, they (PF) are now chasing the wind,” he said. “Why should the same PF government which raided and traumatised people in Bweengwa now pretend to have a human heart after destroying their properties? As, UPND in Southern Province, we urge the government to stop playing games on people’s lives to gain political mileage.”

Halwabala said the PF had exposed its tyrannical character.

He said the people of Likeng’a had been living peacefully for many years without any disturbance.

“Why and what has gone wrong under Edgar Lungu’s government? I feel pity for Zambians as there is more trouble being brewed in the PF,” Halwabala said.

“UPND through our able leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema and the team shall always stand with the vulnerable in society. At no time shall we use inhumane treatment on our citizens regardless of tribe. We only pray that God will take care of them and survive the brutality of PF.”

About 500 people mainly non-southerners have been left in the cold since Friday after their makeshift shelters and other belongings were burnt by government officers for practicing illegal fishing methods.

Halwabala thanked Bweengwa member of parliament Michelo Kasauta for camping with the victims and providing food.

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