Match fixing affects sports development – Mawere

SPORTS minister Moses Mawere says match fixing is hampering the development of sports in the country. Mawere says an investigation was on-going in the case in which former Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) vice-president Boniface Mwamelo was banned from football activities owing to match fixing. He said the investigations currently underway were meant to establish all parties involved in the scandal.

“The government of Zambia received the news of match fixing with deep concern. This involved the former vice president FAZ Mr Bornface Mwamelo and some players. The vice of match fixing affects sports development negatively by compromising the values of sportsmanship that includes fair play,” Mawere told Parliament on Tuesday.

“The vice also affects sponsorship of the sport from the corporate entities that might lose trust and faith in a particular association, club or sports discipline. The Football Association of Zambia has engaged investigative wings such as the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Zambia police service to investigate the matter fully with the people involved.”

Mawere said his ministry would continue to follow up the matter through the National Sports Council of Zambia.

“Mr Speaker, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) regulations do not entertain match fixing. Therefore, the government, through the National Sports Council of Zambia has instructed FAZ to enforce FIFA rules which outlaw match fixing,” Mawere said.

Mawere added that a committee had been formulated to look into the matter.

“Further, FAZ has constituted a committee called the security and match fixing committee in order to prevent further match fixing occurrences. The composition of the committee has representatives from the ACC, Police, DEC, representative from the Office of the President, ZICTA and National Anti-Terrorist Centre (NTC),” he said.

He, however, added that “The National Sports Council of Zambia has also included match fixing as one of the most cutting issues which must be fought by all sports federations. This is because if the vice is not well fought accordingly, it has the potential of derailing the sport in Zambia.”

FIFA recently banned Mwamelo for life from all football activities after he was found guilty of taking bribes.

Mwamelo has however appealed against the ban.

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