Mozambican DC cautions Zambians against engaging in that country’s politics

MALEWELA Chefe do Posto Maria Tembo has warned Zambians who live in Mozambique never to involve themselves in politics of that nation. In an interview in Sinda’s Nyanje area on Saturday after the block show, Tembo said some Zambians who went to Mozambique for farming had started crossing the line by engaging themselves in active politics of that nation which she said people hate.

“Zambia is our relative, we do each other so many good things. Currently, we are aware that land for agriculture in Zambia is difficult and we have a lot of Zambians who cultivate on our soil, for example, in Nkhamba we have about 375 Zambians cultivating there. In Chimfumbo we have 1,055 cultivating there but what we hate and what we don’t want is for Zambians to engage themselves in the politics of that nation. We expect them to concentrate on agriculture but to start doing politics there truly we don’t want and they should stop,” she advised.

Tembo further advised Zambians to follow right procedures for them to conduct their agriculture activities such as informing Mozambican chiefs who also have to inform the government about the Zambians’ presence.


“Whenever a Zambian comes seeking land for cultivating in that country, all they should do is to follow the rules of that country by reporting to the traditional leader of that land who will then report to government so that it records the presence of the Zambians in that country. We do these because Mozambique and Zambia, we are related indeed,” she said.

She has also asked Zambians never to segregate against Mozambicans or mistreat them whenever they sought health services.

“We are one, so we expect our relatives, the Mozambicans, to be well received and helped whenever they come here, especially for health services, never mistreat them or segregate against them because we are one and we share a lot of bilateral relations. Our people come here for millers, health services and business, so accommodate them just as we accommodate Zambians in our country,” Tembo said.

She revealed that Malewera, her district, would hold an agriculture show next month and that she travelled for the show in Zambia to get experience to improve their own.

“I heard a rumour of the agriculture show here in Nyanje and being a weekend, I thought I should come so that I see what is happening because we will hold ours next month and I thought to come and get a experience,” she said.

She thanked Zambians for their non-violence attitude and friendly services rendered to her entourage which involved a senior police officer and a staff from the Office of the President.

She advised farmers to value agriculture because it was the life of everyone.

“Agriculture is the life of everyone in the world. For one to remain alive, they need food and that can be obtained through farming productively. This challenges us to be hard workers if we are to have good harvest for business and home consumption,” Tembo said.

She further observed that cutting of trees carelessly and bush fire destroy the vegetation which in turn affects the climate. She called on farmers to desist from igniting bush fires, deforestation and other practices that destroy soils.

“Here in Zambia, the soil is finished and the only way to retain it is by listening to the advice from the agriculture officers on the rightful pattern to follow so that soil fertility is achieved,” advised Tembo

And Kapoche councillor Peter Miti expressed happiness with Tembo’s visit. Meanwhile, chieftainess Nyanje urged farmers not to sell all their produce because this year hunger would be high.

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