DPP orders police to re-arrest PF MP who allegedly assaulted his wife

THE Director of Public Prosecutions has issued instructions to police to re-arrest Chifubu PF member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi for allegedly assaulting his wife.
This comes after Ndola magistrate Changa Chitabo discharged Ng’ambi following a decision by the State to enter a nolle prosequi.
Chief state advocate Nkumbiza Mumba said the nolle prosequi was entered in order to allow for appropriate charges.
“The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has been involved in the case from the time the matter came to the attention of the office,” Mumba said. “Upon receipt of the report of the case, the office started working with key stakeholders to ensure that justice prevails. In this regard, stakeholders such as the National Legal Aid Clinic for Women [was] engaged to ensure that applications for protection orders were made to safeguard the safety of the victim. The office of the Inspector General of Police was also engaged to provide security to the victim and the family.”
Mumba said upon examining the evidence on the docket, the DPP’s office observed that earlier charges given to Ng’ambi were not in line with the evidence on the docket as well as the gravity of the offence.
She said the DPP’s office was now waiting for the police to re-arrest the suspect as quickly as possible so that he can be given appropriate charges.
The chief state advocate said the office of the DPP is in constant touch with the victim, Agness Ng’ambi, and her family.
“The office is now awaiting for the police to effect the arrest of the suspect so that he is charged with the new appropriate and more serious offence,” stressed Mumba. “The onus is now on the police to effect the arrest in the shortest possible time so that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has constantly been updating the victim and her family on steps that have been taken in the matter.”

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