Don’t create tensions amongst yourselves, Bishop Mulenga tells politicians

KABWE Catholic Diocese Bishop Clement Mulenga has urged politicians not to create tensions amongst themselves. And Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba says that politics should not divide the people. Meanwhile, Central Province minister Sydney Mushanga says there are no permanent enemies in politics. In his homily when he celebrated mass after the commissioning and subsequent consecration of newly built St Bernardine of Siena parish in Kapiri Mposhi on Saturday, Bishop Mulenga said politics had been there since time immemorial but this should not create tensions among political players.

He observed that human beings were politicians by nature and should be at liberty to engage in politics but without creating tensions.

“So you are not the first ones to experience politics in life. Politics has always been with us although politicians tend to create tensions amongst themselves. That is not the way it’s supposed to be,” Bishop Mulenga said.

He implored parishioners to pray for the country and the people that were leading the citizenry in order to ensure harmony among political players. And speaking when he conferred the sacrament of confirmation on some parishioners, Bishop Mulenga urged leaders to serve the people they lead with humility. He said people should take a leaf from Jesus Christ who served humanity with humility and died on the cross for the sake of mankind. Bishop Mulenga explained that humility was a virtue that should be embraced by leaders.

He further said that if people wanted salvation, they should believe in Jesus and exalt God, the Creator. And Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba who attended the event said politics should not divide people. The former foreign affairs minister, who also served as Patriotic Front Bahati member of parliament, explained that while politicians might have different philosophies and versions to employ when addressing challenges facing the citizenry, they should not be divided.

“In fact, politics should not divide the people,” observed Kalaba, in Bemba.

He also called on Christians to pray for politicians.

“Like I always say, you the Church should pray for us politicians so that we have God’s guidance in whatever we are doing,” he said.

Kalaba further pledged continued support to the construction of auxiliary structures at Kapiri Mposhi’s St. Bernardine of Siena parish.

Meanwhile, Central Province minister Sydney Mushanga said there were no permanent enemies in politics.

“My colleague, Honourable Harry Kalaba, was in the PF but today he is the DP [Democratic Party] president. We went to Parliament at the same time in 2011. We are still friends and colleagues. We have come here to congregate together with you and chatting with each other without and none of our supporters are engaging in any altercations. This only goes to show that there are no permanent enemies in politics,” said Mushanga.

“We might have different manifestoes but we are not enemies.”

The Bwacha Patriotic Front member of parliament also applauded the Catholic Church for initiating and implementing life-changing programmes and projects in various parts of the country.

“As government, we take cognisance of the fact [that] the Catholic Church has been instrumental in initiating and implementing life-changing projects. The Catholic Church has been instrumental in building schools and hospitals across the country. These education and health facilities built by the Catholic Church and dotted across [the country] have been providing education and health services to members of the community without discrimination,” Mushanga observed.

He called on the Catholic Church leadership and parishioners to continue demonstrating unity of purpose in their quest to serve humanity.

And Mushanga implored parishioners that were conferred with the sacrament of confirmation to remain prayerful and always read the Bible for spiritual guidance and strength.

He also pledged his continued support towards the construction of auxiliary structures at the newly built Church building.

Meanwhile, Kapiri Mposhi’s Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in charge Fr Gift Chileshe thanked parishioners and well-wishers for their material and financial contributions towards the construction of St Bernardine of Siena parish building.

“The constriction process of this Church building has come a long way. I remember we started in 2013. The journey had been rough; but with God’s grace this project is a reality today. We received unwavering encouragement and support from our Bishop [Clement Mulenga] and Christians alike,” Fr. Chileshe said. “I would be failing in my duty if I don’t pay profound gratitude to my good friend the DP [Democratic Party] president Harry Kalaba for contributing towards the construction of this Church building. I would also want to extend my profound gratitude to Honourable Sydney Mushanga for his contribution during the construction process of this Church.”

He also appealed to well-wishers to come on board and ensure that auxiliary structures are built around the newly constructed Church building.

And Kalaba bemoaned the high unemployment levels prevailing in Kapiri Mposhi district.

Speaking to members of the press shortly after attending mass that the high unemployment levels currently prevailing in the area were compelling young people to engage in vices.

“I usually pass through Kapiri Mposhi, and what I see is that there’s high unemployment levels owing to the collapse of major industries like the Kapiri Glass Factory and other companies that were viable. At TAZARA workers are going for months without salaries and retirees at the same railway company have not been paid for years and years,” Kalaba lamented. “Certainly there are high unemployment levels in Kapiri Mposhi district. And because of this, Kapiri Mposhi is ranking high in terms of alcohol consumption among youths because young people have nothing to do…they are failing to engage in productive activities. Kapiri Mposhi is ranking high in terms of prostitution among youths and basically young people are engaging in all sorts of illicit activities.”

Kalaba lamented that the current regime was failing Zambians.

“All these challenges are not being addressed because there’s lack of leadership in this country. The current PF leadership is failing the people of Zambia,” he said.

Kalaba said his party was determined to liberate Zambians economically once it forms government.

“When we form government, we will ensure that we revive Kapiri Glass Factory, address the challenges facing TAZARA employees, address the numerous difficulties facing the youths in Kapiri Mposhi today…empower them with various skills so that they start engaging in productive activities,” said Kalaba. “We are committed to liberate Zambians economically. The challenges facing the Zambian citizenry today are not insurmountable. And as Democratic Party, we are equal to the task. Like I said, there’s currently lack of leadership in this country.”

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