Kazabu urges MPs to defend Zambia’s future by not mutilating, raping the constitution


LACKSON Kazabu has advised members of parliament to be defenders of Zambia’s future by not mutilating and raping the constitution as demanded by the National Dialogue Forum.
In an interview, Kazabu, a former Nkana member of parliament, said the legislators must not fall prey to decisions made by a small group of people bent on saving PF desires.
“I am appealing to all members of parliament across the divide as we await the presentation of the Constitution Amendment Bill, they must search their souls and do the needful. They can either decide to be the Judas Iscariot or be the defenders of the present and future of their country and its people. If they want to be the defenders of the people they must not allow through the door leading to raping and mutilating the constitution of this Republic, this is their hour of reckoning,” Kazabu said.
He urged members of parliament to be on the right side of the hour of reckoning.
“They must not mess up with the constitution as demanded by a small group of people (NDF), they must reject the Constitutional Amendment Bill as decided by a group of people saving the PF interests,” he said.

“I also want to remind the PF ministers that the Constitutional Court ruling on them to pay back moneys they spent during the 2016 elections
when they remained in office against the laws of Zambia. As long as they are alive, they will always be reminded by the Zambian people that they must pay back. This will never die a natural death, they will always be pursued by the law and the Zambian people,” Kazabu said.

H also reminded Zambians that they must make a decisive decision in 2021 and elect into office the UPND under the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema if the country was to be put back on the right path.

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