Lungu doctorate a mockery – Sensele

THE only honour that UNZA can confer on President Edgar Lungu is doctorate on corruption, poverty, unemployment and theft of public funds, says a NDC member of the central committee Paul Sensele. Sensele said instead, UNZA should consider honouring civil society leaders, the clergy or traditional leaders instead of President Lungu. Commenting on the decision to confer an honorary doctorate on President Lungu by UNZA, Sensele said the decision is a mockery to Zambians and the university.

“What the university is telling us is that they don’t see the sufferings that Zambians are going through, they don’t see the troubles that the PF government has thrown its students into. The university is saying it does not care as to who killed Vespers.

Shimuzhila,” he said.

“It does not care at the high cost of education inflicted on its students by the PF which is under the control of President Lungu. Let them find some doctorate degree on corruption, poverty, unemployment and theft of public funds!”

Sensele said Zambians were still facing hardships in educating their children.

He indicated that apart from education issues, the country was riddled with high poverty and unemployment levels.

“If there is anything that UNZA is not doing is to be critical of President Lungu and the PF government. Then they would be doing Zambians a service instead of mocking their dignity,” Sensele said.

“The Senate has not been very critical on PF actions on its students’ meal allowance and the death and injuries on students at the hands of the police. They should ask President Lungu as to where the cop who killed Vespers is instead of honouring him with a doctorate degree. Now we hear he still wants to be called Mr Lungu even if UNZA gives him that doctorate degree. This should show the University Senate that even him knows that he does not deserve it.”


Sensele urged UNZA to honour people who are loudly speaking out for the marginalised Zambians.

“Please, honour people who are fighting poverty in Zambia and we have a lot that the university can look at starting with the civil society leaders who have been subjected to arrests and unwarranted detentions. We have chiefs and even priests who deserve this honour more that the PF leader,” said Sensele.

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  1. Hunter Shilesa

    June 25, 2019 at 8:49 am

    The problem is that unza itself is a useless university. So why bother what degrees it confers. I would definitely refuse one if unza offered to confer on me.

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