Silence over financial and economic crimes dangerous, says Prof Mwewa

FORENSIC Expert Bureau executive chairman Professor Gibson Mwewa says the tragic trend where corruption masters, abusers of authority, fraudsters and plunders of resources are being hero worshiped should end. And the management of the Forensic Expert Bureau has appointed Prof Mwewa as its president. Speaking at a media briefing in Ndola on Sunday, Prof Mwewa said there was a lot of impunity in financial and economic crimes.

“The scale and rate at which economic and financial crimes of all sorts are being committed with impunity, at various levels of society, is beyond alarming and a big shame,” he said. “Zambia, a country so rich with vast resources, should not have citizens wallowing in abject poverty. The billions and trillions of dollars which this country has continued to lose through economic and financial crimes is more than enough to make every Zambians a millionaire given our very small population compared to the vast wealth the country is endowed with.”

Prof Mwewa said there was a lot of electoral and governance fraud.

“FEB will mobilise resources, train experts and raise public awareness on the types and prevalent electoral and governance fraud. FEB will promote the development of economic and financial forensic investigation experts to help in the fight against all manner of economic and financial crimes at every level in our society,” he said. “I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to you, each and every one of us, to kindly do whatever you can to help champion the noble cause and help our country and society combat economic and financial crimes decisively.”

Prof Mwewa said noble men and women all over the world were encouraging and supporting means and ways of combating economic and financial crimes.

“Championing the advocacy and raising awareness against financial crimes should be supported by all well-meaning stakeholders locally and globally,” he said. “It is tragic to see a trend where corruption masters, abusers of authority, fraudsters and plunderers of resources, all sorts of wrong doers are being hero worshiping.”

Prof Mwewa said there comes a time when the right things have to be done.

“There comes a time when men and women with values need to stand up and be counted. It is dangerous to take a silent path,” he said.

And the FEB management has congratulated Prof Mwewa on his appointment as president.

FEB interim board secretary Prof Trywell Kalyata said the appointment of Prof Mwewa has come at a time when Zambia has serious issues to sort out.

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