Workers have chance to determine Zambia’s destiny in 2021 – Mukuni


WORKERS have a chance in 2021 to determine Zambia’s destiny, says chief Mukuni.

Mukuni was commenting on Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe’s message at the Kitwe rally on Saturday that without the working class directly taking over the governance of Zambia through their left cantered party, they would be jumping back and forth from the frying pan into fire.

Chief Mukuni of Livingstone, Kazungula and parts of Zimba district said the current atmosphere among workers is that of desperation and uncertainty.

“We have workers who are so frustrated, desperate and filled with a lot of uncertainties as to if they will manage to educate or feed their children,” he said. “We have workers who get paid when and if someone in Cabinet decides to sign the pay cheque. We need workers and Zambians in general to look at the governance system of Zambia under the PF.

What Dr M’membe is saying is that workers must take the lead revealing the PF’s undemocratic manoeuvres, the high corruption levels, theft of

public funds, high poverty levels, and the sky-rocketing unemployment levels among the youths. Simply put workers have a chance in 2021 to determine Zambia’s destiny.”

Mukuni added that until workers take charge as Dr M’membe suggests, Zambians shall continue in what he termed drowning into the troubled waters of poverty.

“It is a good reading, but my problem is that Zambian workers seem not to be proactive in taking the lead. However, I know the reasons why. It is simply the intimidation and the scare of retirement in national interest drama that the PF subjects public workers to. They also have gone further to subject Zambians to a tribal way of employing public workers,” he said. “We now seeing Tongas, Lozis and North-Westerners being listed at the bottom end priority list of being employed in government.”

Mukuni said 2021 was a pivotal year for Zambian workers in determining the destiny of the nation.

“If there is anything that must be looked at as being pivotal, it is the 2021 general elections. Zambians and workers in particular have a decision to make and bring sanity to Zambian politics,” said Mukuni. “We don’t want to be a laughing stock of Africa. We want to be a haven of hope and prosperity, which as at now the PF government is not steering the nation towards. I particularly liked Dr M’membe’s description of an ATM that it does not go on maternity leave…does not have friends or relatives, no God to worship…in simple terms he wants the government that is humane, offers its workers and citizens a dignified life. This is not the case with the PF.”

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