Banditry raid on M’membe

On Saturday while Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe was addressing his party’s first rally in Kitwe, home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo’s cadres clad in police uniforms raided his Chinsali house at Mwika Village.

“Dr Mmembe’s home being raided,” SP general secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali alerted the media. “About thirty people dressed in police uniforms have this afternoon raided the home to Dr Fred M’membe in Mwika Village in Shiwangandu District. They broke the gate to the house and forcibly chased all people present. No search or arrest warrant was provided. They have currently occupied the house and are not stating the reason for their action. Onlookers are suggesting that the house is being vandalised. Dr Fred M’membe was at the time addressing a rally at Nsansa grounds in Kitwe.”

According to workers at the house, the officers arrived in three vehicles, one of them a Muchinga Police van, and jumped over the perimeter wall to gain access. The worker said the officers broke the lock to Dr M’membe’s house to gain entry and started removing the curved ornaments.

“They have not arrested anyone. We don’t know what they are doing inside the house. They just came and chased us,” one of the security guards told The Mast. “They have grabbed household items including paintings. They are in uniforms but behaving like cadres. We’ve never seen such kind of behaviour.”

The question is, what has Dr M’membe done to deserve all this hatred?

Why this penchant for destructive politics?

This is the second time Dr M’membe’s house in Mwika Village is being broken into and ransacked by zealots hiding under the cover of the State. And this is clear abuse that should not be condoned. Anyway, we are not surprised that these cowardly acts are being executed against Dr M’membe by obvious characters.

As though it’s not enough, after annihilating The Post newspapers, which he managed for 25 years, a small clique in PF does not seem to be satisfied. Haunted by their act of strangling a viable newspaper as part of its unending strategy to kill any voice for the voiceless – especially the alternative media for the majority – the PF are seemingly going personal with Dr M’membe.

He has joined politics and instead of debating the ideologies – the issues he is raising under his party’s JEP/ manifesto Edgar Lungu’s minions are bent on banditry as a way of killing any opposition.

What we expect from the ruling PF is sweeping the country by the power of ideas and not violence and banditry. We caution this regime that governs through destructive politics that hatred begets hatred. It is a sure seed they are planting and as the bible says they will reap what they have sown.

While they say each generation chooses its destiny, we are not sure which destiny Edgar’s minions are charting for themselves given the impunity and wanton corruption! Here is a regime that has poisoned everything as it seeks to perpetuate its reigns!

We are being run by a bunch of thin-skinned turncoat democrats who react with full venom at everything! To any citizenry concern, they are injurious. Violence of the mouth they practice with the same intensity physically and as we have observed on several occasion, police brutality or abuse is their first weapon.

But time has come to put an end to this banditry. The country and its politics deserve sanity.

Those behind this uncalled for act on Dr M’membe should remember that the speed of descent is pretty fast.

They’ll not remain in those positions they are abusing today.

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