PF hasn’t done much in rural areas – Mkaika MP

MKAIKA MMD member of Parliament Peter Phiri says the Patriotic Front government has not done much in rural areas because it has concentrated more on developing urban areas. In an interview, Phiri observed that poor roads and  access to water were major challenges people in rural areas were facing.

“The PF government hasn’t done much in rural areas in working on roads and water because most roads here are extensively in bad state as the government has concentrated much in developing urban areas such as Lusaka, Copperbelt, Southern and other urban areas but here in rural areas, there is still a lot to be done,” he stated.

Phiri has challenged the government to utilise the remaining two years to fulfill their promise made in 2016.

“We are waiting to see more in the two years remaining out of their five year-term. They have a lot to do, especially here in rural areas, because they have neglected people in rural areas in terms of roads and water,” he stated.

He further warned farmers against getting attracted to better maize prices offered by briefcase buyers.

“Let’s not be attracted by the prices of maize which the briefcase buyers are offering as the same maize will be brought back to us at a higher cost in the form of mealie-meal during a hunger period. So please, let’s keep our maize as prices might look good today but tomorrow it will hurt us,” he warned.

When asked about developments he plans to undertake under Constituency Development Fund for Mkaika Constituency, Phiri revealed that he plans to construct a police station at Katete business centre at a cost of K250,000. He also revealed that Ibex section would soon receive water supply. Phiri added that K756,000 was paid to Zesco last year to connect power to Chisale Day Secondary School which he said had been neglected for many years. He also observed that he was planning to see to it that schools with old structures which were built under the UNIP government receive facelifts. Asked if he believed MMD would form government again, Phiri complained that Zambians had a perception that once a ruling party loses elections, it could not form government again.

“Because of that we have seen members running away, ditching their parties for greener pastures in UPND and others joining PF which is not good,” Phiri said.

He advised members to be principled by sticking to their parties.

“You have to show your principles by remaining in your party. All you have to do is examine and evaluate where you went wrong and work on that as it is such measures taken that can see parties form government again,” he explained.

He said the MMD needed to change some policies so that people could regain trust in the party. He also pointed out that the confusion created over the party leadership, which was being determined in court, was hindering the party’s progress.

“We need to do a lot of things such as changing policies so that people can have trust in us again so that we can return to power and the other challenge is that issues of our two presidents which is still in court also delay our progress as the party. If these issues are sorted out, we can say there is light at the end of the tunnel,” said Phiri.

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