Radio Maria a beacon of objectivity in the universe of disinformation – Fr Phiri


CHIPATA Diocese chancellor Fr Dennis Phiri says what Catholic-run Radio Maria was doing and what it wants to be in future is very critical.

During the 20th anniversary of Radio Maria Zambia, the first private radio station to be opened in Eastern Province, on Friday, Fr Phiri said the radio station would remain true to its core business of evangelisation.

“As a Catholic radio station, Catholic for that matter you carry a heavy responsibility, the burden of truth which is not easy to bear. You have the task to explain to a curious and suspicious world what we

are,” he said. “You must tell them our basic beliefs. In the last 20 years, Radio Maria has grown in strength and in stature and we wish that in the

next 20 years our opportunities will expand.”

Fr Phiri said he was hopeful that in the next 20 years the radio station would be fulfilling its function as it did on the first day when it committed itself as a tool for evangelisation to bring Christ into people’s homes.

He thanked the radio station for the amount of work that it has done and its irreplaceable assistance when people needed to be consoled by Jesus Christ,

Fr Phiri said the station was a beacon of objectivity in the universe of disinformation.

He commended Radio Maria for the guidance it had given to a large numbers of listeners.

Fr Phiri said the radio station aimed at spreading the message of Christ to all people without segregation adding that it was not a profit making but operated solely by generous donations.

He appealed to people of good will regardless of religious affiliation to step in and help the radio station.

And Radio Maria programmes director Fr Clement Banda said despite facing various challenges the station had continued broadcasting.

Fr Banda said the 20th anniversary was a moment of grace to the radio station.

He said the station started with one frequency but was now covering the whole diocese of Chipata and beyond borders.

Radio Maria Zambia started broadcasting on 21st June 1999.

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