Majority Zambians are mourning – CCJP

CATHOLIC Commission for Justice and Peace Sinda district coordinator Davide Pontino Phiri has lamented that only a few individuals are enjoying under the current hard economic issues in the nation to while the majority are mourning. In an interview, Phiri explained that majority of Zambians were complaining, a sign that things were not okay in the nation.

“There are few people that are rejoicing over economic issues in our country but the majority are complaining, showing that things are not moving in the right direction in our nation,” he stated.

Phiri wondered how some top government officials get rich within a short period of time. He said it was important that such leaders were audited so that people know the source of their wealth.

“Ministers should be audited because if they are not, it attracts doubt in people’s hearts because some of their wealth, it’s quite surprising. There are a lot of people who suffer but for others to eat masuku pamutu pa ena it’s not good because they find wealth in unexplained ways. We wonder why some leaders within a short period of time have huge wealth,” he said.

He further revealed that many people go through hell in poverty.

“People go through a lot of hell in this nation. There is poverty and parents fail to pay school fees for their children. It’s hell because people have huge problems; psychologically people are traumatised,” Phiri said.

On agriculture, Phiri said the government had delayed to open the crop market because government leaders were giving money to briefcase buyers to buy the commodity at a higher price than the government price.

“This year there will be extensive hunger and it’s my appeal to government to start putting things in place on how they will help the people. Even crop market for the government is not opened and prices are not known because it is a deliberately move since it’s leaders in the government who give monies to briefcase buyers to buy maize, so they can’t open the market now…” he claimed.

He urged Zambians to watch closely how things were moving in the country. Phiri appealed to the Patriotic Front to utilise the remaining years before 2021 general elections to improve on things that do not seem to work well in the nation.

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