Kampyongo’s desperation will lead him to crime

It’s very clear that Dr Fred M’membe’s house in Mwika Royal Village has been occupied by police without any court order or legal basis whatsoever. It is Stephen Kampyongo, abusing his command over the police as Minister of Home Affairs, who is behind all this. We are aware that Kampyongo has ignored all legitimate advice within the government system to pull out police officers from Mwika Royal Village. Kampyongo, working with Lewis Mosho, the provisional liquidator of The Post, are now frantically looking for ways to obtain court orders to cover up their illegal acts.

This is how lawless Edgar Lungu has made our country to be. If a house belonging to the head of a Royal Village can be broken into and occupied without any lawful order, how safe are others?

Right to property is a human right guaranteed and protected by the Constitution. But today, in Edgar’s Zambia, this constitutional protection means nothing. But they are setting a precedent that will come to haunt them. They have more properties than Dr M’membe! Not even the properties of judges will be safe. But what is it about Dr M’membe’s house in Mwika Royal Village that is troubling Kampyongo?

In 2016 Kampyongo had his cadres smash all the windows of this house. And he was making promises to the people that he will turn Dr M’membe’s house into a hospital. That was in 2016! What was the basis for that?

The house was still under construction. Kampyongo was telling people to forget about Dr M’membe because he won’t return to Mwika Royal Village. Last year Kampyongo, working with Mosho, took police officers and some cadres to occupy the same house, violently chasing away all who were working there. They beat up innocent people who were working at the house.

After they left Dr M’membe continued the works on the house. This embarrassed and annoyed Kampyongo. And Dr M’membe was installed as Mwika Mukulu. In the meantime, political mobilisation work for the Socialist Party had intensified, displacing Kampyongo in the Shiwang’andu Constituency where he is the member of parliament. Kampyongo will never be able to retain the constituency under free and fair elections.

Now Kampyongo is desperately trying to reverse that political slide. Will he succeed with these highly antagonistic approaches? Kampyongo is now desperately trying to keep Dr M’membe out of the area by taking over his house? Will this work? No. It won’t help him in any meaningful way. Desperate people do desperate things.

Kampyongo’s desperation will lead him to commit crimes against Dr M’membe and those around him. And Mosho is promising him things that he can’t lawfully deliver – things that can only be criminally done. Mosho has serious problems and wants to be of value to Edgar and his minions to survive. As such Mosho, in his desperation, will engage in illegalities and abuses to please them – to be of value to them.

But as we are warned in Sirach 21:3, “Every lawless act leaves an incurable wound, like one left by a double-edged sword.”

Which decent magistrate or judge will want to be used by Kampyongo and Mosho to make legal their illegal occupation of Dr M’membe’s house in Mwika Royal Village?

Robert Chabinga, Mosho’s agent, personally broke doors to Dr M’membe’s house and took away footballs, Socialist Party regalia and other valuable items found in the house. Now they want these criminal acts to be made legal! How?

This is the lawlessness and impunity encouraged by Edgar!

Surely, is this the way to run a country?

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