Zambia’s future worries Pilato

THE future of Zambia depends on the quality of minds of its young people, says satirical artiste Pilato. Pilato, real names Chama Fumba, on his Facebook page which was attached with a 40 seconds video of a packed dilapidated, grass thatched classroom with falling wall in Western Province, said the quality of tomorrow’s leadership was much influenced by the quality of knowledge which was being imparted in young people.

He wondered why Zambia was only poor for poorest Zambian and not for President Edgar Lungu who decided to buy an expensive Jet when he already had one. Pilato said he refused to be silent and ignore the less privileged children who were left out from the national cake.

“I refuse to stay silent because my silence will only benefit the few people that are enjoying while these innocent children remain ignored and abandoned. Zambia is a home to all Zambians and if we are a poor country, all of us must share in that reality. My silence is the only fuel that will keep corruption on speed, therefore, I will not be silent,” he said.

Pilato said he raised questions on the Zambian education in general, conscious of the disaster that awaits ahead.

“The future of this country depends on the quality of minds of its young people. If these minds are not developed or nurtured now, then our future is a disaster. These children in the picture are the future leaders, they will be sitting at the same table with other kids in China, America, UK etc who are receiving the best education today and right in the best of conditions,” he said.

Pilato wondered how people hoped to have good leaders when there were no minds being nurtured to take over.

“When I speak about the Copperbelt University and education in general, it’s purely out of responsibility and fear of a disaster that awaits those who refuse to prepare adequately for the future. Remember, both the poor and the rich people’s children will grow up, the majority wins. If you think about the future of this country, the systems that keep it running and the values of its people, do you see that being managed by less developed minds tomorrow? How do we hope for a better Zambia without caring to produce the minds that will run it?” Pilato asked.

He said he had a choice to make on either to pretend or to stand up for the children. Pilato noted that children who were not given best education tomorrow would be sitting on the negotiation table with Chinese and European children who were getting the best education. He said those in authority should not pretend that the environment was ready and conducive for modern learning.

“If I stay silent about this unequal distribution of resources, corruption and abuse of resources, it is these children that will continue to endure these hardships. If I speak up, I risk being victimised and targeted by those that are enjoying from the system. Today I have a choice to make,” Pilato said.

He said young people must be given a fair share of national resources and opportunity to learn like other children.

“A deep look into these eyes of these kids, I see a younger me; innocent, full of dreams and determined. I ask myself: is it because Zambia is poor that it is okay to ignore a certain group of people? Are we only poor when it comes to serving the poorest of our people and rich when it’s time to buy the jet for the President who already had a plane?” asked Pilato.

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