I respect Hichilema’s courage and determination – Wina

VETERAN politician Sikota Wina has denied ever attacking opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema through any media.
Recently, there was a story on an online blog, The Zambian Observer, alleging that Wina had warned people against trusting Hichilema for whatever he said.
The publication further accused Wina of saying that Hichilema was a liar who did not stick to what he said.
But in a statement yesterday, Wina said he had never in his political life attacked individuals, but their policies.

‘’Lately, there has been reports on an online publication, the Zambian Observer headlined: HH is a liar, power hungry, do not listen to his empty promises, Sikota Wina warns Zambians. … I categorically deny ever having issued such a statement,’’ he stated.

‘’If anything, I respect Mr Hichilema’s courage and determination which has made him seek the presidential seat five times. Never have I attacked individuals personally for the wrong policies which the country has undergone from time to time because I believe that it is the responsibility of all Zambians to ensure that the country continues on its steady path that we mapped out since independence. This is not the responsibility of one individual but of all of us as a nation.’’
Wina stated that while it was not easy to challenge a sitting government in Africa, Hichilema had shown courage in doing so.
He further stated that Hichilema was not driven by political ambition but a deep conviction to correct wrong things in the country.

‘’In Africa today, as we have witnessed in many countries on the continent, it is extremely risky to challenge the men in power for the highest office in the country and to do so five times shows the courage, selfless nature and conviction of an individual,’’ stated Wina.

‘’It is not the number of times a man fails that matter but the number of times he gets up, dusts himself up and continues that determines his strength of character. This cannot be driven by political ambition alone but more importantly it is driven by a deep conviction that there is something wrong in the way the country is being run which needs correction. It would be out of character for me to attack an individual. With my vast political experience, I have learned and lived with the objective of unity in diversity and allowing other people to have their opinion no matter how objectionable it is to me.’’

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