Lungu’s Constitution amendment fraud is now clear

On June 21, 2019, Attorney General Likando Kalaluka issued the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill, 2019 whose object is to amend the Constitution of Zambia so as to –

(a) revise the Preamble in order to reaffirm the Christian character of Zambia;

(b) revise the principles and values of the Constitution;

(c) revise the electoral system for elections to the National Assembly;

(d) revise the period for dissolution of the National Assembly;

(e) revise the period of hearing and determination of a presidential election petition;

(f) revise the manner of election of mayor and council chairperson;

(g) establish the office of deputy minister;

(h) revise the composition of the Cabinet;

(i) revise the provisions relating to the establishment of commissions;

(j) revise the provisions relating to the payment of pension benefits and retention on the payroll;

(k) provide for the membership of Members of Parliament in councils;

(l) establish the Drug Enforcement Commission as the Anti-Drugs, Economic and Financial Crimes Agency and redefine its function as a national security service;

(m) revise the functions of the Public Protector;

(n) revise the functions of the Bank of Zambia;

(o) revise the functions of the Auditor-General; and

(p) provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

And to borrow from the sharp brains of Laura Miti we ask, seeking honest answers:

(i) In the next elections, do Zambians want a candidate with, say, 47 per cent of the vote to get into a coalition with an unpopular candidate with, say, 4 per cent of the vote to help them get over the 50+1 to become Republican President?

(ii) When did Zambians say they want to give a candidate who fails to win the popular vote a chance to negotiate with big losers to get the presidency?

(iii) Why do we need deputy ministers when government is so broke?

(iv) Importantly, when did Zambians say they wanted limitless deputy ministers?

(v) Where did this change come from?

(vi) Why is the Financial Intelligence Centre being placed in the Drug Enforcement Commission?

(vii) What’s wrong with Financial Intelligence Centre now?

(viii) When did Zambians ask for this change?

(ix) Why should ministers and members of parliament stay in office during elections?

(x) How does this advance free and fair elections in a multiparty political dispensation?

(xi) Did Zambians say they want ministers to campaign using public money and other resources?

These are very serious questions seeking honest answers from Edgar Lungu.

It is very clear what his intentions are.

These constitutional amendments of Edgar have very serious implications for our democracy and the next elections. They are intended to keep Edgar and his minions in power and reduce their levels accountability.

But the main issue is: who asked for all these changes to the Constitution? When did these issues become part of the demands of the Zambian people’s constitution changes?

These are nothing but Edgar’s personal and unilateral changes to the Constitution to entrench himself in power.

There’s no constitution review commission where the Zambian people demanded such changes to the Constitution.

Edgar wants to impose a Constitution on the Zambian people.

This is what the Church mother bodies and all those who refused to be part of Edgar’s NDF feared to endorse.

Edgar’s Constitution amendment fraud is now very clear for all to see!

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  1. ngulube

    July 7, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    I think all opposition political parties and genuine civil society organisations need to organise their members to protest against this daylight robbery and stop the pf urgently.

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