It’s dangerous to sell your vote for a bag of mealie-meal – Nalumango


ZAMBIANS are suffering while President Edgar Lungu is becoming a millionaire, says Mutale Nalumango. The opposition UPND national chairman said it was sad that people were still facing challenges to access services such as water, health and education while those in power were becoming rich. Speaking when she toured wards in Katuba Constituency, Nalumango said people must emulate the fighting spirit of their forefathers to better Zambia. She noted ha Zambians had continued experiencing hardships despite paying exorbitant taxes.

“It is sad that you people of Katuba are still facing a lot of water challenges, inadequate medicines in medical facilities and long distances to schools when the government has been generating a lot of income from taxes,” Nalumango said. “Do you know that whatever you purchase, the government gets a cut through taxes and yet you have continued to experience hardships while Edgar Lungu and a few of his officials are becoming millionaires every day?”

She said the people of Katuba must work hard to ensure that they emerge victorious in the forthcoming parliamentary by-elections and the 2021 general elections. Nalumango said the people of Katuba should remain strong and fight for a safer Zambia. She told party members that it was prudent for them to desist from being bought with a few pieces of silver adding that former and late presidents Michael Sata, Frederick Chiluba, and Patrick Mwanawasa ascended to power at the will of the people.

“The people were not given anything by Mwanawasa, Chiluba and Sata. But, in fact, people were even helping them with various resources in order for them to win elections. That’s the reason why you should not accept to be bought for a bag of mealie-meal,” she said.

“What we are fighting for is like the freedom that our forefathers fought for when the people of Zambia were united to fight for the common cause. Therefore, we should emulate them and fight for the common good. Let us fight, let’s struggle so that we can have a better tomorrow. It is dangerous for you to sell your vote for a bag of mealie-meal because that amounts to selling the future of your children.”


Nalumango said the party’s greatest resource was the faithful membership base which has stood with it in good and bad times. She implored UPND members to put aside their differences and rally behind the party’s adopted candidate for Katuba, Aubrey Bampi Kapalasa. Katuba Ward chairperson, Herald Cheelo told Nalumango that the party was strong and ready for victory in the forthcoming election.

“As Katuba Ward, we would like to let you know that the party is intact and the people are ready to fight for victory in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election,” said Cheelo.

The Katuba by-election scheduled for July 30, follows the death of UPND parliamentarian Patricia Mwashingwele in May.

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