Narrow minded closure of CBU

The closure of Copperbelt University is not making sense. Why has the Copperbelt University remained closed for so long? What is the problem with reopening this university? Copperbelt University was closed for political expediency. The political insecurities of Edgar Lungu and his minions led to the closure of the Copperbelt University.

But this is being narrow-minded. They are failing to appreciate the importance of universities and colleges. They don’t seem to realise the fact that university or college education is the key to employability. It is in Zambia’s best interest to encourage its students to pursue university or college education if it is to develop and, better still, to compete favourably with other countries.

If we are to improve our economy and living conditions of our people, the provision of university and college education to all Zambians is crucial. University and college education can be the factor that allows the financially challenged but intellectually gifted, to be on par with more financially fortunate individuals.

University and college education is necessary for the discovery, proper dissemination and application of knowledge. Countries with better educated citizens are more equipped to deal with new challenges and technological advances. They are able to compete with other countries on a level playing field.

Innovation and economic growth is almost totally dependent on university and college education. Zambia’s growth rate is severely hampered by the unavailability of adequate skills. The lack of qualified human capital hinders growth and undermines the foundation for sustainable development. Skills for the knowledge economy are built at university and college level. Countries that have ignored the need for their citizens to have university and college education have also failed to maintain impressive growth rates.

University and college education also yields monetary benefits. It is the gateway to better paying jobs with opportunities for raises and bonuses. These monetary benefits increase living standards because a person will be able to afford housing and health costs. They will also be able to invest for the future. Thus, university and college education results in the fulfilment of self-actualisation needs present in all. It also offers a wider opportunity of career choices to choose from.

Whether status and position are considered good or bad, university and college education provides it as well. People who are educated are well-respected in most communities. The educated can count on higher chances of being head-hunted and appointed to positions of authority.

People with university and college education find it easier to migrate from one country to another. The demand for highly-skilled workers is always high in developed countries. The importance of university and college education cannot be over-emphasised. It is the backbone of society and a major driver behind economic growth and personal financial freedom.

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