Village politics

Stephen Kampyongo has really embarrassed the Bemba royal system by boasting of how he has managed to remove Dr Fred M’membe from being Mwika Mukulu – the head of Mwika Royal Village.

In excitement, Kampyongo failed to hide his role in removing Dr M’membe from being Mwika Mukulu in the same way he had failed to conceal his hand in the illegal occupation of his house in the same village.

We were wondering how the Bemba Royal Establishment that never issued any statement about the installation of Dr M’membe as Mwika Mukulu was now issuing press statements revoking this. It wasn’t making sense; it left things hanging! Now it is easy to make sense out of this nonsense.

But is this the way Bemba village headmen are removed? But who appoints Bemba village headmen in the first place? Is it not the concerned families?

We believe Dr M’membe was made Mwika Mukulu by his family. Was his family consulted or heard in his removal?

But above all, what Bemba royal tradition has Dr M’membe and his family violated? Which Bemba royal tradition has Dr M’membe and his family violated by him being involved in politics? Which Bemba royal tradition stops a village headman to participate in politics? Wasn’t the Chitimukulu at one time a member of the central committee of UNIP? Did he violate a Bemba royal tradition? If he did, why wasn’t his appointment as Chitimukulu revoked by the Bemba Royal Establishment?

It’s very clear that there’s cheap and corrupt politics being played here.

Our advice to Dr M’membe is that the nation is far bigger than his village – Mwika Royal Village. And he should let the Kampyongos have their way on that and focus on bigger national issues. His Mwika Royal Village will be better off in a well governed nation. Let him rise above village politics and concentrate on liberating Zambia from the yoke of poverty, disease and ignorance. Even if it is humility and wanting to serve the least of one’s brothers and sisters, let Dr M’membe leave village politics to the village minds of the Kampyongo type.

It’s very clear that all this is aimed at embarrassing him politically and reducing his popularity. But such desperate actions, as we have stated before, boomerang. They achieve the opposite. The Zambian people are not fools, they can see and understand what is going on. And they have a high sense of justice and fairness. They can see and judge as to who between Dr M’membe and his adversaries is betraying Bemba traditions and public trust!

As publishers, we cannot recall ever publishing or reading any article where Dr M’membe is talking about his connections to any Bemba chief. We actually didn’t, until recently, know that he belonged to the Bemba royal family.  But being a member of the Bemba royal family means most, if not all the key Bemba chiefs, are his relatives. Does being in politics remove such relationships?

We are made to believe that the Bemba royal system is anchored on a lot of long standing traditions of wisdom and fairness and it will in the long run not allow itself to be prostituted by cheap and empty politicians of the likes of Kampyongo. We believe the Bemba royal system has immense capacity for self-correction.

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