CSAWUZ rejects 1% healthcare levy

THE Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia in Eastern Province says it is opposed to the imposed one per cent deduction for healthcare policy scheme.
In an interview, CSAWUZ provincial chairperson Jeff Mkwalantila said the government did not consult the labour movement before coming up
with the idea.
“Government didn’t consult us as labour movement, we didn’t even conclude, we don’t know how that money will be handled by Ministry of Health. We cannot contribute to the healthcare of all Zambians, it is the responsibility of government to look for medicine for the health
sector, not civil servants. The idea is okay but in terms of someone in the rural set-up, is the medicine there in that particular clinic? You will find that it’s not there so we are supposed to have modalities on how the services would be offered in rural health centres where the civil servant is,” Mkwalantila said.
He said there was also need to look at the provision of the drugs in rural health centres.
“People are supposed to know how the services would be offered, what is the priority? Are we having the fast track or is it a normal delivery of healthcare? So all these things were not concluded by the labour movement. That’s why we are saying at the moment we cannot contribute one per cent for healthcare to the Ministry of Health until this issue is resolved. Funeral scheme, all of us the labour movement and the government we concluded as to who should mediate this or who should carryout…under the funeral policy we have Madison Insurance who facilitates the funeral scheme. Now under the health care, who does [implements] that? We need an independent body to facilitate that, not Ministry of Health because it
is an interested party whose mandate is to provide drugs to every health facility and ensure that there is enough personnel at each health facility,” said Mkwalantila.

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