Charity Lumpa narrates how two drectors duped her out of K76,000 in a moringa deal

THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has heard how former Eco Bank Zambia Limited managing director Charity Lumpa was duped out of her K76,000 by two directors of Yahati Green.

Allegations are that Harris and Timbani between April 3 and May 29, 2019, whilst acting together with intent to deceive or defraud, obtained cash amounting to K76,000 from Lumpa by falsely pretending that they had Moringa trees for sale when in fact not.

When the matter came up before magistrate Betty Malupenga, Lumpa narrated that on March 14, 2019, she met pastor Tembani at Woodlands Shopping Mall as she wanted to produce moringa a herbal product on a larger scale.

The former managing director said that she wanted Tembani a director at Yahati Green to go and check her land in Chifwema if it was suitable for growing moringa.

Lumpa said that Tembani told her that her farm was not suitable for growing moringa as it was rocky.

She said that pastor Tembani and his partner Charles Harris told her that they had land in Chisamba that would be suitable for growing moringa.

She said she picked up the two at SOS village and proceeded to Chisamba and found suitable land for growing moringa and a portion of four hectares was measured out for her.

The complainant said that she drove back to Lusaka after viewing the land and went to their office at Provident House on Cairo Road where they signed a contract.

Lumpa narrated that in the contract, it was agreed that they would do four hectares of moringa and that the accused would purchase the seeds and prepare the seedlings, and that she would to pay them K76,600.

She said she gave Pastor Tembani a cheque of K25,000 and he collected it from her home.

She said in May, pastor Harris sent her a schedule of what was going to be done and she sent him the balance of US $5000, which was equivalent K51,600 from her offshore account.

She said after sending the money, it was difficult for her to access the accused, who was managing her project.

“I kept on asking them about the seedlings but I was being told that the rate of success would be poor because the weather was not okay as it was June,” she said

“By August last year, nothing had been planted and I demanded a full refund but pastor Harris asked for time in which he would refund the money by first week of November 2018,” she said.

“The time came for them to pay back the money, pastor Harris asked for more time extension to the end of November 2018 on condition that they would return the money with interest because I told them the money was as good as being stolen.”

Lumpa said pastor Harris became difficult as he kept on giving excuses until March 2019 when she reported the matter to the police.

Trial continues on July 22, 2019 for cross-examination.

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