Nevers is the legitimately elected MMD president, insists Mukuka


MMD spokesperson Cephas Mukuka says Nevers Mumba remains the legitimately elected president of the opposition party. Dr Mukuka has urged the public to ignore the repeated lies being told about the party by Raphael Nakacinda, the Felix Mutati faction national secretary, with the contempt they deserve. On Monday, Nakacinda held a press briefing where he among other things he announced plans to hold an MMD convention in 2021 ahead of the general elections.

Nakacinda also said Mumba would be invited to the convention and that if he still had ambitions to contest the party’s presidency and felt he was popular, he would be given an opportunity to show his popularity at the convention the “same way he was accorded an opportunity at the last convention.”

But Dr Mukuka yesterday stated that Nakacinda was one of the four individuals that the MMD had sued in their individual capacities to answer charges regarding the authority for the illegal convention which made him national secretary.

“His pretentious behaviour about this shall not translate into the truth at any stage. It just amounts to a web of lies that he will soon have to start explaining to his followers and those whose respect of him, is based on the ‘convincing’ nature of the lies he has told them,” he stated.

He stated that MMD was aware that the timing of Nakacinda’s press conference was designed to overshadow and divert attention from the resumption of the Court Case in which he was set to open his defence on behalf of Mutati and others over an illegal convention they held in 2016.


“To this day, Mr Nakachinda holds his followers under a spell and carefully controls what they must know, hear or believe. It is his style, to be the one to render interpretations and meaning to any events arising from the courts so that they remain under his control. Ironically, they have lost a combined total of 19 times in all the courts. They have subsequently  been penalised huge sums in costs in excess of K2.5 million (they have since paid about K390,000 of it). It is worth noticing that not a single court has agreed with them even once in their lies,” he said.

“It must be noted that of the 19 actions in which they have lost, we only have one matter, the other 18 are actions by Mr Nakacinda and Mr Mutati in their many attempts to shop for a crooked way out of being answerable for their actions. Nakacinda is currently before the Constitutional Court with another petition, bringing his actions to more than 18.”

Dr Mukuka stated that Nakacinda was lying when he says the court case was about Mumba challenging the outcome of the illegal convention.

He explained that the case was about the MMD asking Nakacinda to reveal the authority he and his friends used to hold a convention ‘of MMD’ and why it should not be nullified together with everything that arose from it.

“Mr Nakacinda is lying when he says Dr Nevers Mumba is seeking the courts to authenticate his leadership. The truth is that Mr Nakacinda is the one who petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking a declaration that Mutati was legitimately elected and the ConCourt dismissed the petition as forum shopping. The court instead sent him back to the High Court so that they can answer the questions of their claims in the High Court,” he stated.

“Mr Nakacinda is lying when he says the leadership of the MMD cannot be decided by the court. The truth is that the case is not about deciding the leadership of the party; it is about prosecuting illegalities brought about by Nakacinda and his colleagues. The court is the appropriate forum where such illegalities must be decided upon and we are unfazed about doing the right thing.”

Dr Mukuka stated that the legitimate leaders of MMD were fighting against Nakacinda and group’s illegalities.

“Dr Mumba remains the legitimately elected president of the MMD. Nakacinda is lying to his friends when he says there is no case to worry about in court. The truth is that the case in court is very serious and will result in disappointment and shattered dreams for many whom he has lied to. Nakacinda is lying to his friends when he says he can call 2000 witnesses. The truth is that he has given his lawyers only 15 witnesses to be called but now it appears they have even failed to raise any witness, that is why they failed to show up at court yesterday Tuesday 9th July 2019,” he stated.

And Dr Mukuka stated that Nakacinda was playing when he said he would hold a convention in 2020.

“The truth is that he has to first purge himself of the first misdeed. Any attempt to hold a second illegality before the first is purged is simply a joke that only those he toys with can clap to,” he stated. “Nakacinda is being obnoxious, insulting and disrespectful to the man who brought him into politics when he says he will invite Dr Nevers Mumba to the so called convention so he can prove his popularity. President Mumba cannot attend a convention called by non-members of the MMD. Both Mr Mutati and Nakacinda were suspended and expelled in February and March 2016 respectively,” Dr Mukuka stated.

He stated that  Nakachinda was playing to the gallery when he repeatedly points to the list at Registrar of Societies as being the basis for his claim to the leadership of the party.

“The truth is that he lied to the Registrar that the convention he held in 2016 was a legal one sanctioned according to the party constitution. Soon, when the courts render their findings it will be clear where that list stands.”

He wished Nakacinda all the best in “his illusions”.

“We are determined to prosecute this political misnomer to its logical conclusion. Unlike Nakacinda, we believe in decent politics. We shall be the first ones to congratulate him and Mutati should the court establish that they were right to hold an illegal convention and elect themselves to positions in the MMD without following the Constitution of our party. We therefore urge him to stop running from putting his defence before the Court. Our party deserves to be disentangled so that it can start to operate as a united entity and prepare for 2021,” stated Dr Mukuka.

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