Lungu mocking Luapula residents with incomplete projects – DP


THE Democratic Party says President Edgar Lungu has started uncoordinated trips in panic by incoherently commissioning projects. DP spokesperson Judith Kabemba says President Lungu should stop mocking the Zambian people. In a statement, Kabemba stated that in his panic, President Lungu was commissioning unfinished projects.

“His numerous uncoordinated trips to Luapula Province recently explains it all. His trip to Luapula Province to go and commission the construction of the mini-hospital in Chief Kalaba chiefdom is panicking at its highest peak toward his losing of elections in 2021. The gesture may be described as noble but it’s painful because we know how much President Lungu has been mocking the people of Luapula with these projects that only end with commissioning,” Kabemba said.

“At what point will President Lungu stop mocking the people of Luapula? Currently, his disregard for the people of Luapula can be seen looking at the many projects he has commisioned that are pending completion. The hospital he promised for the people of Chifunabuli, the people of Lambwe Chomba are still waiting for their road as the Kashikishi-Lunchida road awaits government attention. The flood victims in Lunga are still waiting for assistance just as they are equally waiting for their hospital. FTJ University remains a day dreaming arrangement which the President has totally failed to action.”

She stated that the DP prays that President Lungu’s conscience should interrogate him harshly.

“Therefore even as His Excellency cuts the ribbon, we earnestly pray that his good conscience interrogates him harshly. Zambians are tired with his kind of leadership that fails to walk the talk and can only pray 2021 comes soon so that this kind of inept leadership can be history. The other challenge remains that most of those that surround the President have too many skeletons on these matters and therefore cannot advise him correctly,” stated Kabemba.

“We would like to urge presidential handlers, ministers in charge, and those tasked with mitigating risk surrounding the Presidency to for once put on human hearts and advise his excellency accordingly. I am sure you know by now that we have become accustomed to the flip-flop and incoherence from the Presidency but show some kindness and responsibility by saving him from these perpetual embarrassing moments.”

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