Madzimawe bemoans bickering mayor, DCs

CHIEF Madzimawe of the Ngoni people in Kasenengwa says he is concerned with the continued bickering between the offices of the mayor and district commissioners.
During the launch of the ‘undetectable equals untransmittable’ campaign in Chipata on Wednesday, Madzimawe noted that there was bickering between the offices of the mayor and that of the district commissioner, and the office of the council chairperson and district commissioners.

Neither Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale nor district commissioner Kalunga Zulu attended the launch.
“We have observed for quite some time now that these serious offices do not value the importance of such programmes in our communities. I also want to appeal on behalf of my colleagues the traditional
leadership to you guest of honour and government to try and explain how these offices…we have observed there has been so much bickering
between the offices of the mayor and the office of the DC, the office of the council chairperson and the office of the DCs in all the districts. It’s a trend,” he said.
“I don’t know whether they don’t know who is who. We have this problem and sometimes it can explain the absences of these important dignitaries (Mwale and Zulu) to this function, mukulu nibani kulimbilana ukulu (who is senior battling over seniority). This is affecting service delivery. Government should come
up with a clear policy as to who is who so that people should get back to work.”
Madzimawe called on leaders at all levels to join the campaign.
“Allow me to call upon all the leadership, the traditional leadership, government, political leadership not only the ruling party leadership
but also the opposition political parties should as well join the campaigns because if they don’t, they are going to lose their support base,” said Madzimawe. “So this fight knows no political boundaries, knows no border. It is a fight that each and every one of us should embrace.”
The ‘Undetectable equals untransmittable’ campaign refers to the finding that if the virus in an HIV positive person’s body is too low to be detectable by a viral load test, that person cannot transmit the
virus to their partners.

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