UPND fielding credibal candidate in Katuba – Chifita

THE UPND is fielding a credible candidate in the Katuba parliamentary by-elections, says Albert Chifita.

In an interview, Chifita, who is UPND Central Province chairman, explained that the opposition party’s national management committee took time to scrutinise all individuals that had applied for adoption for the Katuba seat on the UPND ticket and picked one that would be easy to sell to the electorate.

“Simply put, the UPND is fielding a credible candidate in the forthcoming Katuba parliamentary by-election. But that does not mean that those other UPND members that had applied to contest the Katuba [parliamentary] seat on our party’s ticket do not have what it takes to guarantee the UPND victory in this parliamentary by-election. In fact, I would like to thank all those that applied to contest this seat on the UPND ticket for pledging to support the adopted candidate. This only goes to demonstrate that that people have confidence in the UPND and the leadership of president Hakainde Hichilema,” he said.

The Katuba parliamentary by-election was necessitated by the demise of Patricia Mwashingwele, who was UPND member of parliament.

Residents of Katuba Constituency go to the poll on July 30 to choose a lawmaker.

Meanwhile, Chifita said the Constitution making process should not be left in the hands of few selected individuals or politicians.

“Currently we have a situation where our colleagues in the PF want to bulldoze the Constitution amendment process using the backdoor through the famous or infamous National Dialogue Forum and by using the arrogance of numbers in the National Assembly. But majority Zambians have rejected the route that the PF government wants to take in amending the Republican Constitution,” said Chifita, a Solwezi former district commissioner. “It should also be noted that one of the characteristics of a Constitution is acceptability. And for the Republican Constitution to have credibility and acceptability of citizens, it should have the blessings of the general citizenry by subjecting the Constitution making process to a Referendum. It is, therefore, only prudent that the Constitutional Amendment Act of 2019 should be subjected to a National Referendum. The Constitution making process should not be left in the hands of few selected individuals or politicians.”

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