Break the silence when you see a wrong, Fr Sakala urges Christians


SAINT Anne’s Cathedral parish priest in Chipata Diocese Fr Christopher Sakala has implored Christians to break the silence when they see wrong things happening in society.

In his sermon during mass at St Anne’s Cathedral Parish on Sunday, Fr Sakala said to be a Christian was to act in obedience to God.

“We don’t want to get involved as Christians. Most of the times we see wrong things happening, we see people getting involved in corrupt activities, we see people banking huge chunks of money we don’t know where they get that money from but they are not doing any business,” he said. “What do we say ‘let me keep quiet, let me not get involved.’ We see people stealing drugs in hospitals, clinics, we see people committing adultery but we keep quiet. We see teachers sometimes not teaching, we see a priest getting lazy not visiting the Christians but we keep quiet.”

Fr Sakala said some people kept quiet when wrong things happen because they do not want to get in trouble.

“It also happens in our homes. We see this man defiling a niece, the wife says ‘men are like that I can’t report to the police. Men are just like that let me just keep quiet.’ It does also happen sometimes in our society when people are looking for employment, this boss says ‘yes I can give you work, I can employ you but first let me sleep with you’ and since you want work you are so desperate you give in,” he said. “This is happening in our offices but instead of reporting that boss to the police, what do we do? We end up sleeping with that boss, but where is your conscious?”

Fr Sakala also condemned the emerging culture where some people prefer taking pictures at the accident scene instead of helping the people involved in an accident.

“You know these days, when someone is involved in an accident, people are screaming for help, [but] you see this man or this woman instead of giving help, instead of giving a hand, what do we see – we see them getting videos then they circulate them on social media. ‘This accident has just happened along Cairo road, along Mpezeni road; it has just

happened, it has just happened.’ Instead of giving a hand you are there filming,” noted Fr Sakala.

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