Fire PF in 2021, says Ng’uni

ZAMBIANS need to fire the PF in 2021, says a UPND official Winnerson Ng’uni.

Commenting on President Edgar Lungu’s sacking of finance minister Margaret Mwanakatwe and the revocation of nomination of Patriotic Front PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri as member of parliament, Ng’uni, who is Southern Province UPND secretary, said Zambians need strong explanations from President Lungu as to how they would get out of the huge debt that the PF had inflicted on them.

“The economy of our country is so dead that the sacking of the finance minister will not solve the problem. The only way we can manage to sort out this financial crisis is for Zambians to fire Mr Lungu and his PF party. This party is full of jokers and clowns who don’t even make a grade for any circus,” Ng’uni said.

He wished Dr Bwalya Ng’andu, who has been appointed finance minister, all the best in what he termed as a ‘debt ridden’ office.

Ng’uni said that despite complaints from students, lecturer and the general public, the Head of State has not fired higher education minister Nkandu Luo.

“She has subjected university students to misery, it does not make sense to start soliciting for millions of money for some security system. The CBU has been in existence for a long time and it is sad that the PF only now has realised that its better to keep the institution closed due to non-availability of security cameras…. The CBU is not some military camp, it’s an educational institution, it’s not a barrack or financial institution,” Ng’uni said.

He advised the new Minister of Finance to instead send the money approved for CBU to Zampost, National Museums Board and other government financed institutions where workers were owed salary arrears of over seven months.

“Don’t waste that money on a system that will just be destroyed in case of a student uprising…send that money to pay salaries to people at Zampost and museums. I read that these and many institutions haven’t been paid for months,” Ng’uni said.

He also advised well-meaning Zambians to continue advocating for the re-opening of the CBU.

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