KKIA security officer testifies agajnst his juniors in disobedience to statute duty case

A SENIOR security officer at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport has told the court that a civil servant and an Aviation Security Consultancy assistant allowed 12 unauthorised persons, who accompanied UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to have access to the VIP lounge at the KKIA airport without authority. This is in a matter in where Paul Mwensu and Chrispine Nyangu of Meanwood and Chelstone extension are charged with disobedience to statute duty contrary to section 126 the Penal Code Chapter 87 as read with section 8(3) of the Civil Aviation Act no 5 of 2016 and regulations 29(1)(a)(1)(11) of the Zambia Security Intelligence Service.

Nyangu and Mwensu are on February 21, 2019, whilst acting together, alleged to have willfully and unlawfully disobeyed orders and instructions from the Statutes or Acts when they seditiously allowed unauthorised persons into a restricted area, namely the VIP longue.

Testifying before Lusaka magistrate Rachael Mwansa Neddy Banda said the airport had two areas a non-restricted area meant for the public and the access restricted one. Banda narrated that the non-restricted area was open to members of the public while the restricted area was restricted to specific people. He said on the material day, he received a report from his junior, Mildred Mutale, who supervises one of the operational areas at the airport, that Hichilema and 12 others had accessed the restricted area without being authorised by Nyangu and Mwensu. Banda said he investigated the matter and established that Hichilema was authorised to access the VIP lounge while the 12 others who accompanied him were not authorised.

He said Hichilema was allowed to pass through the restricted area as he was travelling to South Africa while the 12 others who accompanied him were not authorised entry to the restricted area. Banda told magistrate Mwansa that he investigated the matter further and discovered that Nyangu was the one manning the access control point which leads to the restricted area. The senior security officer said that he reported the matter to his superiors and the accused were penalised.

The matter was adjourned to July 29, 2019 to enable the accused persons to engage lawyers.

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